DUSK has been added to Fantom’s BNB bridge

Yellowblock September 10, 2019
Updated 2019/09/10 at 11:22 AM
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Dear Dusk Community,

Today DUSK has been added to the BNB Bridge, an easy to navigate website that allows users to move tokens between the ERC20 token and the BEP2 token standards.

? Link to the BNB bridge [click]

Fantom had created the BNB bridge to increase interoperability between the major Ethereum and Binance blockchain. DUSK is the 3rd project to be added to the bridge. We want to express our gratitude towards the Fantom team for their support to the Dusk and Binance community!

How does the BNB Bridge work?
Token holders can use the BNB Bridge to easily convert their DUSK tokens between the ERC20 and BEP2 standards (both ways!).

The following step-by-step guide will take you through the process of using the BNB bridge.

Step 1: Locate your Ethereum address, if you want to move BEP to ERC.
Note: This guide is written to show how to move BEP2 to ERC20 (but you can go both ways!) — as an alternative; Binance.com automatically converts ERC to BEP.

Step 2: Select DUSK from the token drop-down box and input your ‘ETH Receive Address’.

Once you have selected DUSK and inserted your ‘Eth Receive Address’ click ‘NEXT’ and proceed the the next step.

Step 3: Send BEP2 DUSK from your Binance Chain wallet to the address presented. Every user will be given a unique address, do not send to any other address then the unique address given to you.

  • Make sure you send BEP2 DUSK from a wallet to which you hold the private keys, not from an exchange account.

Once you have executed the transaction by sending your BEP2 DUSK to the address that displayed, wait for it to be approved on the Binance Chain network. Once approved, click ‘NEXT’.

Step 4: ‘Swap Request Pending’
The Bridge is now reviewing the transaction you processed in step 3 and will update your Eth receive address once it is successful, this may take a few moments. The bellow screen will display when your transaction is approved and you will have successfully used the bridge to swap BEP2 DUSK to ERC20 DUSK.

About Bnbridge
With Bnbridge you can swap between ERC20 and BEP2 tokens, launch BEP2 assets and list tokens on Binance DEX.

About Fantom
Fantom is a distributed ledger technology stack. At its foundation, it is a DAG-based distributed ledger incorporating new methods of scalability, combined with a high-performance virtual machine and safe, secure smart contract execution.

About Dusk Network
Dusk Network is an open-source and privacy-oriented blockchain based on years of academic research. You can use Dusk Network to create smart contracts that control digital assets and securities.

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