Crypto Freak Network is a network of passionate people who share Crypto related ideas and information, education and provide multiple spaces to discuss Crypto.

We want to establish and develop a network of likeminded and enthusiastic traders and investors that will leverage the once in a lifetime opportunity that Crypto gives us – away from false news, manipulation and pumps and dumps.





The partners below regularly provide valuable content to our readers and/or provide us with the necessary tools to grow our community and general awareness for cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Elevate UX – Check out their website and Twitter account

Paper coins – Check out their Twitter account

Blockchain Education Center (BCEC) – Check out their website and Twitter account

Lisk Center Utrecht – Check out their website and Twitter account





We collaborate solely with projects that we believe in and that have a strong business model, team, community, work ethics and a vision to positively impact society or the industry as a whole.





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