Alex Jones Has Lost More Than $500 Million in BTC

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Live Bitcoin News August 17, 2021
Updated 2021/08/17 at 1:34 PM
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Alex Jones – a far-right media personality and the man behind Infowarshas lost a lot of bitcoins.

Alex Jones Loses A Lot of BTC

In a recent podcast episode, Jones told his guests that he had accidentally lost a laptop gifted to him by his friend Max Keiser, a hardcore cryptocurrency advocate. This laptop contained as many as 10,000 bitcoin units on it, and he had gotten the laptop about ten years prior when bitcoin was trading for just a few cents at most. Today, Jones would probably have more than $500 million in BTC to his name. The trouble is he no longer owns the laptop.

In the podcast, Jones explained:

Ten years ago… Max Keiser comes to me, and he says I have 10,000 bitcoins for you. This is the future. It will be the new global currency. He is on record. I lost the laptop he put the 10,000 bitcoins on. Today, what’s 10,000 bitcoins worth? A lot.

One of the presenters, upon hearing this information, did the math and decided how much money Jones would have today. It is estimated that the worth of the total 10,000 bitcoins would be around $560 million. The presenter then slapped Jones in the face twice and shouted:

You idiot. Find that laptop.

After which, Jones and everyone else present in the room laughed and Jones responded with:

I deserve it… I swear to God this is real. I didn’t know Keiser was like hooked up with Putin and the Easter Bunny.

Bitcoin has gone up quite a bit over the past ten years. There’s no denying that. The currency recently hit a new all-time high of approximately $64,000 per unit, thereby making its near $20,000 figure at the end of 2017 look small by comparison. Sadly, a lot of bitcoins have been lost to time due to people being careless with their hard drives or forgetting their passwords and login information.

Recently, a man named James Howells stated that he was looking to get a permit from the city he lived in to examine a local landfill to see if he could potentially find the hard drives he had thrown out. These hard drives contained millions of dollars-worth of bitcoin that he was eager to get back. The devices were thrown out after Howells moved away, and it is estimated that more than 7,500 bitcoin units were stored on the drives.

So Much Money Down the Drain!

Max Keiser heard about the plight Jones was experiencing and rang in following the podcast episode. He claimed that this was a “startling chapter” in the bitcoin playbook and mentioned:

Now [the 10K bitcoins Jones lost are] worth $565 million (408 million pounds). Soon, in 2021, they’ll be worth $2.2 billion (1.59 billion) pounds.

Jones has been described by New York Magazine as “America’s leading conspiracy theorist.”

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