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Yellowblock April 24, 2021
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Who is the team behind Graviton?

VenLab — a team with great inter-chain DeFi experience that created the Neutrino and Gravity protocols.

Gravity Protocol – a blockchain & token agnostic oracle and crosschain bridge infrastructure

~21 partnerships
~7 chains integrated

Neutrino Protocol – an algorithmic stablecoin

~0.7 bln $ TVL
~0.4 bln $ DeFi liquidity
~0.3 bln $ USDN m cap

Which industry problems does Graviton want to solve?


DeFi communities fragmentation

  • Due to the fragmentation of the DeFi industry, the DeFi projects and services are largely isolated within their ecosystems.
  • Gaining traction and becoming noticeable outside the boundaries of the native ecosystem requires a lot of efforts on behalf of the project’s initiators.
  • A tool that would allow to kickstart tokenized projects in other networks could be beneficial for the entire industry.

Low cross-chain connectedness and lack of seamlessness

  • Recent exponential growth in the DeFi space highlighted the problem of enormous fees in the Ethereum network, the space’s main playfield.
  • In 2020, alternative blockchain networks showed remarkable progress, providing similar, but significantly more affordable services.
  • However, the use of alternative networks is hampered by complicated, multi-step user experience and insufficient liquidity (and slippage) of tokens wrapped in blockchains other than Ethereum.


How does Graviton solve these problems and open new horizons?


Graviton is a universal wrapped tokens’ liquidity incentivization solution that aggregates multiple cross-chain bridges, provides seamless access to multiple chains with Ethereum mirror accounts and creates a reward-based economy around wrapped assets.

Graviton unites the communities of multiple chains/AMMs/projects and provides them with governance tools for boosting liquidity and increasing yield generation for their favorite wrapped digital asset LP on the destination chain.

Graviton consists of:

  • mega-bridge – crosschain bridge aggregator, such as (evm <-> evm), ren (btc/doge <-> evm), gravity (solana/waves/polka <-> evm) and other bridges.
  • mirror accounts for Ethereum-account owners to let them effortlessly access a wide range of alternative chains
  • LP farming solution that creates a reward-based economy around wrapped assets


What is the role of GTON token in the Graviton system?


Short term

  • Selecting your favorite project to boost its LP token yield

Long term

  • Token buyback via fees generated from trades and its redistribution among stakers


  • Governance tool to influence project updates, new products and parameters, and operational management


What are the GTON tokenomics?


Who are Early Birds?

To work as an incentivization instrument, the token should have liquidity, volumes, and attractiveness for traders from the beginning.

Early birds, also dubbed as early backers, are the early supporters of the Graviton system participating in accumulation of the initial liquidity in stablecoins as a financial foundation for GTON tokenomics.

  • Early-bird period – 2 weeks before the launch
  • Allocation – 10%
  • Liquidity is supplied to the Treasury contract based on Gnosis Safe Multisig

At the end of the EB stage, the initial capitalisation is established and a starting price is determined via price discovery approach before the token is listed on DEX AMMs

What is Graviton treasury?


Treasury is a multisig contract controlled by the team and the first supporters of Graviton who at the same time are top players of the DeFi space.

Treasury stores all the undistributed GTON allocations, LP-GTON tokens and deposited stablecoins.


How many GTONs will a depositor receive?

At the end of the early-bird period, the impact of each early-bird contributor is calculated, which is proportional to the amount of deposited stablecoins.

Impacts represent the contributors’ shares of the early-bird allocation, i.e. how many GTONs will be allocated to them.


  • Let’s say Treasury contains $2 mln in stablecoins
  • A contributor’s deposit is $100к,
  • The contributor receives ($100k/$2mln)*2.1mln GTON = 105k GTON .


Who are SPIs – strategic partners and investors?

  • SPI – Strategic Partners & Investors Blockchain protocols, ecosystems, AMMs, farms and other projects which join us in our goal to ensure liquidity of all tokens in various ecosystems and create user-friendly crosschain experience
  • Blockchain ecosystems: Fantom, Waves, Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, Avalanche, Polkadot, Heco etc
  • VC and labs of CEXes
  • VCs with inhouse market making teams
  • VCs seeking opportunities to increase the liquidity of their supported projects (via Catalyst program)


What is GTON’s go-to-market?

Key focus on the DeFi ecosystem incorporation:

Graviton tends to evolve organically through inbound integrations and partnerships. Due to its blockchain- and bridge-agnostic approach, Graviton becomes a universal hub for inter-chain liquidity and activity.



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