Archie Comics and Palm NFT Studio want fans to co-create the comic’s future series

Ornella Hernández
Ornella Hernández April 15, 2022
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American comic book publisher Archie Comics, known for its iconic Riverdale characters, is leveraging the blockchain to develop fan-generated art and stories as well as Archie-inspired nonfungible token (NFT) collections. Laura Braga and Vincezo Federici, the artists behind the 80-year-old franchise, partnered with Palm NFT Studio, to create a new blockchain-based writer’s room called the “Archiverse: Eclipse.”

Source: Palm NFT Studio

According to the company, the Archiverse intends to empower Archie Comics fans to author the brand’s future through generative storytelling. Its writer’s room invites fans to create and submit new storylines for their characters. The creators of selected submissions will be directly rewarded and granted story credits from future comic series integration.

Archie CEO Jon Goldwater said in a statement that since the success of the television adaptation of Archie characters in “Riverdale” and the emergence of blockchain technology, “we knew we had to find the right partner and platform to introduce Archie 3.0. We cannot wait to introduce the gang to a whole new audience in a whole new way.”

The world of Archie 3.0 will be heralded by an NFT drop of a PFP project inspired by “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,” a series published by an imprint of Archie Comics called Archie Horror. Archieverse: Eclipse NFTs will comprise 6,666 generative characters and 3,000,000,000 outcomes will be released on May 16th, the night of a Blood Moon, and challenge collectors to crack an “ominous” prophecy.

When it comes to writer’s rooms, traditionally made up of show-runners, producers and TV writers, a blockchain writer’s room differs in that only NFT holders can access and participate in content creation. The largest one at the moment belongs to Jenkins the Valet, the “eyes and ears” of the Bored Ape Yacht Club. Cointelegraph spoke to Jenkins[3] about what it takes to portray Apes and Mutants in an upcoming book penned by New York Times best-selling author Neil Strauss.

As for carrying out large-scale intellectual property (IP) licensing in the NFT space, Palm NFT Studio is no Web3 rookie. It recently launched an NFT project with Warner Bros. Consumer Products’ DC Comics known as “The Bat Cowl Collection[4],” a drop of 200,000 unique 3D-rendered Batman cowl NFTs. Matt Mason, the chief content officer at Palm NFT Studio spoke to Cointelegraph about how “emblematic IP can operate as digital social objects by fostering authentic fan participation and community.” He added that the Bat Cowl Collection invites DC universe fans to create their own unique identities and have access to exclusive rewards.


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