Avatars For Ukraine – Top Video Game Artists, Celebs Create Poignant NFT Artworks

Bitcoinist May 16, 2022
Updated 2022/05/16 at 7:33 AM
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Avatars could play a significant role in bringing about a semblance of sanity and aid in a country besieged by chaos.

Bloodbath and apathy in a time of conflict could mean long-lasting misery and poverty.

However, it is in these darkest hours that reveal the extraordinary heroes in ordinary people.

Top video game artists, celebrities, social media influencers, visual artists, and ordinary individuals are now collaborating through NFT and crypto projects to support Ukraine.

It’s not just a trend but a movement that promotes healing in a country invaded by its more powerful neighbor.

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The collection is a vital element of the NFT environment because of its breathtaking and genuine depiction of the people's fortitude, resilience, and faith (ABC News).

Avatars For Ukraine

Avatars for Ukraine is the name of the NFT collection created in honor of the charity.

Original meaning of the word “avatar,” translated from Sanskrit as “incarnation,” is referred to in the title.

The breathtaking artworks capture the embodiment of all that a free Ukraine stands for: its energy, soul, knowledge, and love.

These NFT artworks serve as a memorabilia of these painful times of war. It captures not just vivid pictures or memories as it happens but also the rollercoaster of emotions – pain, fear, and anger – that tells the story of Russia’s cruelty and madness.

The touching artworks show what a free Ukraine is all about, including its energy, soul, knowledge, and love (mifengcha.com)

Celebrity video game artists from Warframe, Rainbox Six, Asphalt, and S.T.A.L.K.E.R collaborated with Ukraine-based digital artists in creating a charity NFT collection for the country.

This collection is set to be launched on May 19, 2022, on MetaHistory, a Ukrainian charity NFT platform that has managed to come up with over $722,000 or 260 ETH to help Ukraine.

This program or movement is fully supported by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine which is a government office that has successfully raised over 60 million crypto donations for the country.

Avatars For Peace

Avatars for Ukraine is a charity NFT collection that means the incarnation of the spirit, love, soul, and wisdom of Ukrainian people in the midst of a bloody war. The artworks are a collaboration of 50 of the best digital artists from Ukraine coming from the video gaming and movie world.

As a matter of fact, you get to see an exclusive artwork from highly-acclaimed European science fiction artist Volodymyr Bondar who also happens to be a winner of EuroCon award. Asphalt lead artist and director Kateyna has also contributed to the collection.

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NFT To Help Ukraine

Most NFT collections are created mainly for profit. However, with this NFT collection, the purpose is directed toward helping the Ukrainian people.

In fact, Epic Games ex-oficio states that the same effort and time invested in creating game universes was given in this Avatar collection.

They have the best and cutting-edge technology for production and also the best talents to build a masterpiece. Coming from a place of help, they wanted to give it all. No holding back.

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For one, Epic Games who was responsible for building the so-called real metaverse was able to pool $150 million to benefit the once peaceful country.

The avatars collection is historic for everyone to take that piece of humanity with them forever. The artworks are all original and mind-blowing; in which all proceeds go for the war-torn nation.

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