Deposit Bonus Program

Yellowblock August 5, 2019
Updated 2019/08/05 at 8:37 PM
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Starting August 5th, we’re launching two special promotions for all Beaxy users. For the sake of simplifying things, we have split the promotions over two articles. This article will detail the rules and conditions of the first promotion. Please click here to see the details of the second program. It’s a fun one 🙂

And now, onto the good stuff!

What is the Deposit Bonus Program?

For every dollar deposited to Beaxy, earn 5% back in $BXY tokens. $BXY token allocations will be based on the price at the end of the competition.

The contest will start August 5th and run until October 31st. Rewards will be calculated using the difference between deposits and withdrawals over this period.

This means a user depositing $10k in crypto and withdrawing $5k will receive rewards based on the $5k difference. Rewards will be earned for every $1,000 USD. This campaign will be capped at $10 million USD worth of cryptocurrency.

This will run simultaneously to our recent 50% referral promotion and Tesla Sweepstakes, so bring your friends to share this opportunity!

Terms and Conditions

  • Price taken in USD amount (5% of deposited number at the end of competition to be paid out in BXY).
  • Tokens earned will be auto locked in PLS for non-US residents and auto locked in membership program for US residents.
  • Tokens will unlock from these respective programs in equal installments over a six month period following the end of the competition and can be locked again at any time.
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