Bitcoin Community Roars as EA Tweets “Invest in Crypto”, But What is it Really?

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Ethereum World News September 20, 2019
Updated 2019/09/20 at 7:02 AM
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EA Drops “Crypto” Tweet

For some reason or another, the crypto world has converged on Twitter. The social media platform, headed by staunch Bitcoin bull Jack Dorsey, has become a place for everyone in the industry — from mom & pop investors to fund managers and industry executives — to banter, exchange ideas, and try to explain the volatile price action seen in Bitcoin markets.

So, when Electronics Arts, the second-largest gaming company in the Western world (China has a massive domestic gaming industry), mentioned the word “crypto” on Twitter, everyone in the industry went wild. Absolutely wild.

For those who missed the memo, on Thursday morning, the gaming studio, which has helmed the development of games like FIFA, NHL, Titanfall, and so on and so forth, tweeted the below message.

invest in Crypto.

— Electronic Arts (@EA) September 19, 2019

In the minutes after the gaming giant posted the tweet, Bitcoin investors and companies exploded.

Binance, OkCoin, Lolli, and Bitcoin Magazine were among the prominent industry startups that tweeted in response to the seeming reference to cryptocurrency. Most crypto enthusiasts responding to the tweet seemingly thought that the company was getting involved in some way, or that their social media management intern was trying to go viral.

But, the answer to why EA tweeted “Invest in Crypto” is seemingly cut and dried, not to mention somewhat obvious for the gamers out on Twitter.

The fact that “crypto” was capitalized in a tweet makes it clear that the message was in reference to Crypto, a character that is going to be released for the third season of EA’s Battle Royale game, Apex Legends. This was confirmed when in response to the above tweet, EA dropped a reference to a piece of Apex Legends marketing material, in which Crypto was mentioned.

So, no, EA is likely not getting involved in the cryptocurrency industry. Instead, the tweet was a move to market an upcoming character for one of its flagship games, Apex Legends.

Well played EA. Well played.

Photo by Florian Olivo on Unsplash

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