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Yellowblock June 1, 2020
Updated 2020/06/13 at 9:40 AM
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Blockchain gaming has seen a surge in developing lately. While some video games are solely designed to entertain players, another type of games has arisen with the purpose of educating blockchain users.

This is the latter we are going to explore in this article with DAOG and Galleass. Two interesting games created by Austin Griffith.


DAOG is a multiplayer browser based game teaching DAO membership and on-chain governance through an entertaining experience.

The gameplay is split into phases. The first one opens a world map building where players can start building a territory using items that represent specific tasks (tent to generate tokens, ? to build a farm…).

Emojis are controlled by smart contracts and are used as symbols to qualify different possible actions.

The complete rules are available here.

The game is still in development and so far, only a private alpha version is available to whoever wants to test it.


Galleass is a decentralized ressource management game running on xDai blockchain. The goal of this game is relatively simple. You start it by purchasing a dogger for 0.001 xDai ($0.001) and use it to catch fishes. Once you get fishes, you can sell them for copper and start buying some land to build your « empire ».

The whole « action » takes place in a hand painted scenery which makes the game quite beautiful and relaxing.

Having a game running on a blockchain implies that you constantly interact with the network and thus any single in-built mechanism processes through a blockchain operation. In this specific case, sailing requires micro transactions that make your boat move once the block is mined.

The future of video games?

If we had to compare these 2 experiments to the current industry of video games, it would be obvious that they have very little in common.

DAOG and Galleass are educational concepts targeting a niche of tech junkies. But the essential goal eventually lies somewhere else.

Opening the door to further experiments involving Blockchain developers and users.

If you are curious and or would like to learn more about xDai, i highly encourage you to give them a try.



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