NewsCrypto enters the Metaverse with Enjin

As web3 and especially the metaverse keeps developing, numerous long-established crypto projects

Yellowblock Yellowblock December 16, 2021

An introduction to Graviton

Who is the team behind Graviton? VenLab — a team with great

Yellowblock Yellowblock April 24, 2021

How to USDC on

This article by Inal Kardanov, Waves development advocate, will help you make

Yellowblock Yellowblock February 20, 2021

Accessing a Decentralised Exchange Through Your Email

How many times did you face resetting your password with email or

Yellowblock Yellowblock January 28, 2021

Neutrino will integrate Chainlink Proof-of-Reserve

The collaboration will lead to improved security and robustness of cross-chain bridges

Yellowblock Yellowblock January 15, 2021

Waves 2020 recap

Waves had an incredible 2020 year with numerous innovations released. From decentralized

Yellowblock Yellowblock January 8, 2021

Gravity SuSy introduces pools on PancakeSwap

Recently, Gravity Protocol team has launched the mainnet alpha of SuSy dApp,

Yellowblock Yellowblock January 5, 2021

Neutrino Improvement Proposal

Over the past few weeks, the governance token of Neutrino Protocol, or NSBT,

Yellowblock Yellowblock December 28, 2020

Utrust partners with Brandit

The world has been making payments in very much the same way

Yellowblock Yellowblock December 17, 2020

Utrust partners with Terra Virtua

One of the funniest things about building the future of payments is

Yellowblock Yellowblock December 15, 2020

Utrust and Building the future of Proptech

In a lovely 45’ discussion, Utrust managed to get some of the

Yellowblock Yellowblock December 4, 2020

Neutrino protocol celebrates first birthday

In just 12 months, the Waves ecosystem’s first stablecoin, USDN, became one

Yellowblock Yellowblock November 25, 2020

Partnership Announcement between Utrust and MoonPay

Moonpay is doing for digital currency ownership and acquisition exactly what Utrust is

Yellowblock Yellowblock November 24, 2020

Gravity launches Alpha Mainnet targetting Waves and Binance chains

Today,  Waves and Binance Smart Chain have been integrated as the earliest

Yellowblock Yellowblock November 12, 2020 an automated market maker on the Waves is a new automated market maker (AMM) that combines several types

Yellowblock Yellowblock November 10, 2020

Introduction to the Dutch Blockchain Coalition

What is the Dutch Blockchain Coalition (DBC)? It is a joint venture

Yellowblock Yellowblock November 2, 2020

Waves partners with Ergo to develop interoperability solutions

As we strive to further interoperability solutions, we have struck a partnership

Yellowblock Yellowblock October 26, 2020

You can now timestamp WordPress content on Ethereum

WordProof, the newly announced winner of the European Blockchain for Social Good

Yellowblock Yellowblock October 24, 2020

VIDT Datalink Q4 Roadmap

To say the last few months have been eventful for VIDT is

Yellowblock Yellowblock October 23, 2020

Matic partners with Waves through Gravity to boost DeFi adoption

Matic, a solution for scaling Ethereum apps, joins the Gravity protocol as

Yellowblock Yellowblock October 23, 2020

Gravity test framework adds Binance Smart Chain via Ankr

In this article, we’re introducing the integration of Binance Smart Chain testnet to the Gravity test

Yellowblock Yellowblock October 20, 2020

VIDT Datalink Enters the World of NFTs

Article sourced from: AltcoinBuzz We’ve had ICOs, IEOs, DeFi, and now NFTs

Yellowblock Yellowblock October 19, 2020

VIDT Launched NFTs on Binance Smart Chain focused on B2B and B2C

When products and documents are susceptible to fraud, trust is the most

Yellowblock Yellowblock October 14, 2020

Waves Partners with Solana through Gravity’s interoperability solution

Solana will be the first external addition to Waves’ roadmap to achieving

Yellowblock Yellowblock October 14, 2020

Introduction to: VIDT Datalink

When it comes to blockchain use cases, a multitude of applications can

Yellowblock Yellowblock October 13, 2020

VIDT Datalink and IBM partner to spread Corona Safety Indicator sensors

IBM, VIDT Datalink, and other project partners are excited to announce the

Yellowblock Yellowblock October 13, 2020

VIDT Pioneering Blockchain for Physical Objects.

Everyday the supply of fake luxury objects and art is exponentially growing.

Yellowblock Yellowblock October 12, 2020

USDN Staking Diary

Being able to stake cryptocurrencies is becoming increasingly more popular as it

Yellowblock Yellowblock October 12, 2020

V-ID and IBM collaborate on adding Corona Safety Indicator Sensors

The Corona Safety Indicator, which gained much traction in this week in

Yellowblock Yellowblock October 9, 2020

World First Decentralised Forex Exchange Launched by Neutrino

Stablecoins pegged to national currencies are now available in DeFo, the Neutrino

Yellowblock Yellowblock September 29, 2020