BREAKING: CFN Announces Merger With YellowBlock

Yellowblock February 25, 2020
Updated 2020/02/28 at 5:17 PM
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We are proud to announce a partnership and merger between the Crypto Freak Network and Yellowblock, two trustworthy platforms combining its efforts in growing the biggest cryptocurrency community and media outlet. In this report you will be guided through the creation and progress achieved from the Crypto Freak Network over the years, as well as an introduction to Yellowblock and what we plan to achieve together.


Rewind to 2016, the beginning of our journey

Many are not aware that the Crypto Freak Network ( CFN ) was initially created as a WhatsApp chat in 2016, an incredibly small community of Italians that had one strong new interest – cryptocurrencies.

The industry was still relatively new, communities barely existed and co-workers still associated Bitcoin to the Dark Web; making this small community the only place where we could actively discuss and learn everything about this industry.


2017, more than just us

This is the year where our small niche interest became a worldwide phenomenon; institutional speculators and Uber drivers started buying and telling everyone about this new technology, which would of change the world and most importantly make everyone rich.

However, regardless of the massive influx of new speculators it was still incredibly challenging for individuals to find:

  • Free high quality educational sources


  • A free of charge community, where like-minded people could talk, discuss, debate, argue and learn together

And very often even if there was a fee involved, the content and community was poor to say the least.


CFN, your go-to for everything

The lack of a free place for people to mingle and grow together was the first and biggest motivation for our small community to step it up and accommodate more people, make it bigger than just us – a place for everyone.

  • Our first step was launching a free Telegram community, people were flowing in nonstop and actively engaging among each other – it was incredible to witness a vision/idea turn into reality.


  • As the community and the team grew the desire to do more was unstoppable. We wanted to provide as much value and content as possible for those that joined – so we began interviewing core Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency community members, and giving an insight of their life and views to our readers.


  • Sub-communities of projects joined the Crypto Freak Network (CFN ) and with it a new demand, the creation of content that was relevant to their favourite project. So we finally started approaching and engaging with cryptocurrency and blockchain teams and producing content together – a huge step  as we were enabling an indirect conversation between our community and projects.


  • As our community and network grew stronger we partnered with fellow educational and content providers – enabling us to provide outstanding content to our community covering all topics from beginners to expert in both cryptocurrency trading and blockchain fundamentals.


  • One of the most exciting chapters for the Crypto Freak Network  ( CFN ) must be the organisation/co-hosting of free events for the community – many community members had the opportunity to finally meet face-to-face as well as network with many more like-minded individuals.


  • Finally the community took a more aggressive step with the quantity of content delivered, and this was done by introducing a news section – enabling us to regularly keep the community updated with what is relevant in the market by writing and aggregating high quality articles.



The team behind the Crypto Freak Network ( CFN ) never had a roadmap nor clear goals aside from providing clear value to our community regardless of its demands – by the community for the community.


Work with friends, and it will never feel like work

After years of actively engaging with the cryptocurrency and blockchain community you are bound to elevate some relationships to friendships. Plenty of which with individuals of completely different backgrounds, religions, geographical locations and interests – but with an incredibly strong common passion for blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

This was arguably the core catalyst for the creation of Yellowblock  – a group of friends wanting to do something together regardless of what. As anything done together within this industry would of been fun to do.



Blockchain is no different than any other industry when it comes to marketing efforts. Every business needs exposure so sooner or later, whether the community likes it or not, promotional content will be widely present across all platforms. It is not something we can hide away from, especially in an industry growing as quickly as cryptocurrencies.

Currently it is challenging for legitimate businesses to ethically and effectively advertise, as:

▪ Most ads are never disclosed by promoters – incredibly misleading for those seeing the advert as well as negatively impacting the company for doing undisclosed ads


▪ Majority of promoters have no experience with marketing – frustrating for advertisers paying for posts that will never convert into sales/signups (etc)


▪ Companies may understand the technology but have no clue of the community dynamics – advertising with the wrong promoter can ruin the reputation of your company for months regardless of its legitimacy.


▪ etc


YellowBlock’s mission has been to show that influencer campaigns can bring an actual value to the company, instead of turning the community against it due to reasons listed above.

We work by immediately disclosing the partnership to the community, followed by the execution of a fully-fledged marketing campaign across multiple mediums and formats by legitimate and trusted accounts/websites.

No more spamming exact same tweet through 10 accounts, with some of them not even being connected to the product. You need a plan and a strategy that works towards your goals.

There is a reason why promotional content has such a bad stigma across the community – there are little to no standards when it comes to marketing across the industry right now.

We want to change that and work with companies who deserve to get their fair amount of exposure to what they’ve been developing.


Crypto Freak Network x YellowBlock

Regardless of the market sentiment not being overly enthusiastic, YellowBlock successfully managed to acquire its first clients and execute campaigns on variety of different goals.

However, as a team we had a strong desire to do more than just marketing; we wanted to provide content that is valuable/educational and most importantly build a larger community of fellow like-minded people.

Thus, the most logical step was to merge the two projects and continue as one, stronger and more motivated than ever.


The merger, what to expect from it

Any project regardless of its purpose will always only be as good as its team, the people behind will always be responsible for its success or failure.

If you are a community member or a reader of this publication, you will not notice drastic changes aside from a new branding. However, the quality, quantity, engagement and size community will be far greater. As the new team will combine its network, resources and exposure for the benefit of providing value to this community.

For over 4 years since we’ve joined crypto, we’ve been working daily on free videos/articles/market analyses that helped grow us our audience and network. We’ve tried to protect the community from the scammers, fake news and undisclosed shills and this is the direction we want to continue taking going forward.

YellowBlock’s goal is to provide the best educational content while setting the right standards for promotional campaigns as the industry matures.


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