Congressional Candidate Wants To Make America Great (At Crypto) Again

Bitcoinist October 3, 2019
Updated 2019/10/03 at 10:39 AM
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Stanford engineer, Agatha Bacelar, has thrown her hat into the ring in the US Democratic congressional primaries. Running on a pro-crypto ticket, Bacelar is up against senior democrat, Nancy Pelosi, in California’s 12th congressional district. Naturally, she is accepting campaign donations in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Put A Crypto Advocate In Congress

Although not currently listed amongst the issues on which she is running, Bacelar really pushes her crypto-credentials on her donations page. Presumably this is so as not to put-off any crypto-sceptic/phobic/agnostic potential supporters.

However, the page for cryptocurrency donations is emblazoned with the message to ‘Put A Crypto Tech Advocate In Congress’.

Bacelar notes that only 3% of representatives have a background in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects. This leads the country to suffer from a lack of comprehension around crypto and its global relevance.

Bacelar, of course, presents herself as the antidote to this, and vows to not let the US get left behind.

Stopping The Exodus Of Crypto Innovation

Whilst San Francisco was once a headquarters of the crypto-industry, its once bright future has dimmed according to Bacelar. Federal intervention and regulation has forced crypto-innovators to look elsewhere, and many startups overlook the US completely.

She claims that she will, “bring informed, practical, and future-savvy tech regulation to the forefront of the picture in Washington,” and that in Congress she will create, “a viable future for cryptocurrencies and bringing the American crypto industry back home.”

Gunning For House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi

The 27 year-old Brazilian-American candidate hopes to unseat incumbent, Nancy Pelosi, who has been in politics longer than Bacelar has been alive. In part, this is down to the location of Pelosi’s district in tech-hub (and presumably crypto-positive) San Francisco. However, Bacelar also cites a belief that “the political establishment wants to hold back a future where economic freedom is afforded to all,” continuing:

We need a future where we are able to use the incredible people-power of blockchain technologies to build a better, more just, and innovative society.

Bacelar is not the only pro-Bitcoin candidate running for office. Democratic presidential candidate, Andrew Yang, has hinted at paying a proposed $1,000 per month universal income for every citizen using bitcoin.

Do you think US Congress needs more crypto-focused members? Add your thoughts below!

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