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Yellowblock September 9, 2019
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COTI’s community has been a vital part of all our activities, and the COTI Ambassador Program will be central to having our dedicated community members serve as brand advocates within their social circles. We are thankful for your interest in becoming more involved with the COTI project by driving awareness amongst novice and crypto enthusiasts, developers, business leaders, investors and anyone who likes what they see at COTI.

What does it take to become an ambassador?

COTI’s ambassadors come from a variety of backgrounds and professions, ranging from technology and mathematics to finance, business and investments. We champion multidisciplinarians and value diversity across our ambassador program. We’re looking to amplify our reach in numerous communities, so having a hybrid group of supporters will enable COTI’s message to reach more and more interested groups around the world. COTI ambassadors are required to demonstrate satisfactory verbal and business skills to effectively manage communities and events. COTI ambassadors share in COTI’s vision and have a strong interest in actively promoting it across their community.

Why should I become a COTI ambassador?

Becoming a COTI ambassador is a first-class ticket to take part in COTI’s overall vision of encouraging the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and radically changing the world of payments. You will, of course, have many perks as an ambassador, including first access to company news and events, getting featured on our company blog, receiving remuneration for referrals, gaining recognition for any notable content you create and becoming an indispensable part of COTI.

Ambassador tasks

COTI ambassadors have a six-month grace period to make sure the program is the right fit for them. This is a minimum window of opportunity for ambassadors to anchor themselves within their communities and establish their influence. The COTI ambassador program includes a number of key areas where involvement is necessary and entails a significant financial contribution staked into the position.

*Minimum requirement

Ambassadors are required to stake their position for the value of $25,000 USD in COTI coins locked for a total of three years. A discount of 10% is provided on the value of COTI coins.

* Worldwide network

Ambassadors should actively participate in all of COTI’s social channels and manage local community groups. Ambassadors are also tasked with implementing creative ideas across various social channels, contributing to existing COTI AMAs and hosting AMAs in their local communities. One blog post summarizing the ambassadorship role is also to be written within the grace period. If a COTI social channel is already managed in a specific geography, ambassadors will be required to cooperate with the existing network.

* Business network

COTI is looking for business leaders to present COTI with new adoption opportunities related to real-world merchants (with a minimum monthly sales volume of $50,000), SMEs, eCommerce, travel, crypto exchanges, education and any other industry requiring credit card processing. All ambassadors will earn 10% from the total net revenue generated in processing fees from each merchant referred to COTI. Earnings will be calculated on a monthly basis for a period of 24 months.

* Conventions and meetups

Ambassadors are the eyes and ears of major developments in their local area. They are required to host one small-scale local meetup every 3–6 months. Meetup discussions can revolve around COTI’s new technologies, updates, partnership news, and any noteworthy developments. A larger-scale event is to be hosted every 6–12 months (e.g., a local meetup, webinar, speaking event, corporate event, etc.) Ambassadors are also tasked with visiting blockchain or fintech-related conferences at least once during the grace period and representing COTI at such events.

Registration to the ambassador program will officially open its doors in the coming weeks and the early birds who already pre-registered will receive their ambassador’s contract this week.

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