Crypto Community Unhappy As Celsius Users Doxxed In Latest 14,000 Page Bankruptcy Court Filing

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Ethereum World News October 7, 2022
Updated 2022/10/07 at 4:58 PM
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  • The beleaguered crypto lender submitted 14,000 pages of transaction history to the bankruptcy court following an order common in such proceedings.
  • Users’ names are also included in the records despite efforts from Celsius to keep this information private.
  • The documents do not feature home addresses and other personal info but the filing essentially doxxes some crypto holders.

Insolvent crypto lender Celsius has provided a bankruptcy court with the names of its users and their trading records in its latest filing following an order from the judge presiding over the case.

The document features full names and timestamps for each transaction on the platform which paused deposits, withdrawals, and other operations back in June 2022. Notably, the 14,000-page document uploaded by Gizmodo shows ex-CEO Alex Mashinsky and his trading history as well.

Although names and other details are included in the filing, home addresses and other confidential information were exempted from the documents submitted to the Southern District New York court.

The biggest concern within the crypto community regarding the filing is public access to names and transaction records. In theory, illicit actors could leverage this information to identify crypto users with substantial holdings and possibly track their digital wallets.

Interested readers can dig through the 14,000 pages of users’ info on the internet archive. Celsius had initially asked the court for permission to keep users’ names private. However, the judge refused, citing that bankruptcy cases usually require such disclosure.

Celsius Bankruptcy Proceedings Continue

The over 18 gig of trade history and names make up the latest court filing in the Celsius case after the crypto lender filed for bankruptcy in July 2022.

Late on Wednesday, another court filing revealed that three top-ranking executives namely – former CEO Alex Mashinsky, ex-CSO Daniel Leon, and current CTO Nuke Goldstein withdrew about $42 million in crypto from custody accounts between May and June 2022.

The withdrawals kicked off between Terra’s crash and the halt on operations by Celsius, leaving questions regarding the reasons behind the transactions.

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