Crypto Rising: 80% Of Major Investors See Bright Future For Cryptocurreny, Survey Shows

Bitcoinist April 28, 2022
Updated 2022/04/28 at 8:08 AM
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The trend of financial institutions incorporating cryptocurrencies into their portfolios has grown in recent years.

Institutional investors and asset managers have begun to include cryptocurrency as pure digital assets.

Despite their recent inception, this type of asset class has gained widespread market acceptance and rapid growth.

Numerous institutional investors have begun to diversify their portfolios and trading methods by including digital currency-related assets.

Indeed, the academic community has devoted significant time and effort to researching bitcoin trading.

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Crypto Expected To Overtake Traditional Investments

According to a survey conducted by global cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp, 80% of institutional investors believe that bitcoin would eventually displace traditional investment vehicles.

Additionally, 70% of institutional investors rated cryptocurrency as a trustworthy investment, with 68% actively recommending it in investment schemes.

Bitstamp has released an early preview of the results of its 2022 Global Digital Assets Pulse Survey.

The research included 23 global markets and surveyed over 23,000 retail investors as well as 5,500 institutional investors in order to provide a fair representation of data and insights about virtual currencies.

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Dominating Traditional Investment In 10 Years

According to the Bitstamp poll, investors are confident that digital assets would eventually outperform traditional investing over the next decade.

Within a decade, mainstream adoption could accelerate to the point where it becomes the new normal. The survey disclosed that around 80% of institutional investors have a favorable attitude regarding cryptocurrencies as an asset class.

Additionally, a sizable majority of investing professionals and 66% of regular investors expressed confidence in these as an asset class.

The research gathered data from 28,563 respondents in 23 countries across the Asia-Pacific, Africa, Latin America, North America, Europe, and the Middle East.

According to Julian Sawyer, Bitstamp’s CEO:

“Over the last few years, cryptocurrencies have risen from the periphery of the financial ecosystem to the foreground of mainstream investing, with many of the world’s major trading platforms now catering to both retail and institutional demands.”

Sawyer also said that interest in the digital currency market has risen significantly in the years following the outbreak, and Bitcoin and other related coins are now a part of the broader discussion about global macroeconomic issues.

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Trillions Of Dollars Flowing

Earlier this month, Canadian businessman, entrepreneur, and Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary projected that institutional investors would pour trillions of dollars into cryptocurrency.

“Mr. Wonderful” believes that cryptocurrency will eventually become the S&P’s 12th sector.

Skybridge Capital, an asset management firm, is likewise “very optimistic” about cryptocurrency, an executive at the firm stated this week.

While the precise date of publication of the final comprehensive research was not disclosed, this early picture points to an optimistic future for the cryptocurrency sector in general, as well as its widespread acceptance among both large and small investor groups.

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