Crypto Salaries Are Becoming a Regular Thing

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Live Bitcoin News December 26, 2021
Updated 2021/12/26 at 2:21 AM
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More and more companies out there are looking to pay their younger workers in crypto as a means of keeping them aboard.

Why More People Are Getting Paid in Crypto

One example comes in the form of Stephen Gerrits, who is a senior at Clemson University in South Carolina. He has a part-time job with a startup and gets paid in crypto, something he’s clearly pleased about. He said in a recent interview:

Why not take the chance or the opportunity to kind of strike it rich, get some money out of it?

The company he works with is known as Sharp Rank. It gets people to download sports applications on their phones. Right now, he’s only working about eight to ten hours per week with this job, but he earns digital currency for all the tasks he completes. He’s excited about this because with crypto prices rising as of late, he says he’s earned as much in crypto working part time as he would working full time earning fiat currency. He says:

I probably check it like three times a week. I just tried to let it sit for the most part, but it’s kind of fun to watch when it’s rising — and then not so much fun when it’s going down.

Chris Adams – the founder and CEO of Sharp Rank – believes that offering crypto funds to workers is a great way to get them to stick around. With so many young people intrigued by crypto and investing in it, he believes that offering them crypto is a great way to keep them pleased and on board. He says:

We wanted to differentiate ourselves from the pack when the [prospective employees] looked at what we were doing as a startup.

Gerrits says that his crypto-based salary is the object of jealousy amongst some of his friends. He says many of them have graduated and have earned regular jobs where they are garnering regular salaries. He says that many of them have expressed interest in crypto and wish they could garner some of their pay in digital currency. He comments:

A lot of my friends have graduated and work in real ‘adult’ jobs and wish they could get some of their salaries in crypto.

Many People Are Doing It

The trend of getting paid with crypto has gotten so big that even big-time sports stars, musicians, artists, and entertainers have accepted some of their pay in digital currency. An example is Tiyanna Brown, a 29-year-old artist. She says:

I’m looking to see the term ‘starving artist’ as a thing of the past. It’s almost like licensing, so every time someone uses your art, you gain a percentage. Your art can potentially go up in value. The more that it is used and the more that is shared, the more that people purchase.

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