Cryptotag “Zeus Starter Kit” Review

Monk March 9, 2022
Updated 2022/03/09 at 2:59 PM
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Let’s face it, Crypto success is a dream for many and no one wants to be the one who lost a big part of his capital just because his awareness wasn’t a hunch higher.

Losing a wallet access momentarily is not a pleasant feeling, so imagine to never access it again

The last resort against what may lead you there would be your seed phrase.

Wallets softwares you will use will typically generate a seed phrase and instruct the user to write this one, usually, down on a piece of paper

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Protecting yourself from the eventuality of losing this piece of paper = your seed phrase
is capital and can be life changing.

CryptoTag claims to have created the best backup, an extreme way to replace the piece of paper that could be a little light as the last resort for you.

We received from this Amsterdam based company, the “Zeus Starter Kit” (atm on sale for 129€ on their website)

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These Titanium plates can resist heat up to 1667 °C and their build precision is astonishing.


The Zeus Starter kit is shipped well protected, packaging is elegant and simple.

This is the “little brother” of the Thor starter Kit

Immediately you can tell about the weight of it, it feels heavy !
When you open the box you will notice the following content :

  • a Setup Guide book and 2 spreadsheets
  • The 2 Titanium Plates
  • The Puncher
  • A set of earplugs
  • a box of matches


Every detail of the process is well explained in the tutorial video from CryptoTag website, so just follow along with this last one or the Set up guide is provided with all the instructions.

The following process should take you about 5 minutes accordingly to CryptoTag

Step 1

First get your conversion sheets in front of you and write down your seed phrase. You have the space for 24 words for each one of the 2 provided.

Step 2

You’ll now have to look for the correlating number of each word in the BIP39 list (in the set up guide included) , which is the list where wallet software originally pick the words for your seed phrase.

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Step 3

Write down the numbers on the conversion sheet as well as their correlated numbers.

A little tip to avoid messing it up by punching the wrong number, use a pen to point which boxes you’ll have to punch. Once you start punching you want to keep going.

Step 4

Find a good support to place the cryptotag plates, and Punch.

(If your triceps hurt after these steps, you should visit the gym more.)

Directly from the website of crypto tag, this quote means punching the Titanium plates is really easy with what is a very nice feeling’s tool by the way. You obviously need to apply some strength in the process, don’t get me wrong, but not that much. If the noise of the Puncher is too loud for you feel free to use the ear plugs provided in the kit.

Step 5

To finish here you will use the provided matches (or anything else) to burn the conversion sheet or any paper where your seed phrase is, to officialise that the CryptoTag’s Zeus becomes the last and only copy.


CryptoTag “Zeus” Starter kit is a really easy and fast way to secure your Seed Phrase.
Engineering and quality are really impressive. Simple, the kit brings you everything you need to do it anywhere you could possibly be.

Much more quickly achieved than their “Thor Starter kit”, even more encrypted than this last one by having to find the correlated numbers to their words in the BIP39 list.

You might really enjoy the process as everything is simply well explained and shown on the CryptoTag website, you feel immediately that you face a really professional company who is proud about the product they bring to the market. They honestly can.

Those Titanium plates will resist a house fire and are strong to the point they are bulletproof.

Wishing it won’t be necessary. But if at some point it’s needed, you‘ll be thankful that it exists


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