Fantom Research: Stairdag: Cross-DAG Validation For Scalable BFT Consensus

Yellowblock September 4, 2019
Updated 2019/09/04 at 5:14 PM
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Hey Fantomians, we’re incredibly proud to share that we recently published our new research paper, ‘ Stairdag: Cross-DAG validation for scalable BFT consensus’ on Cornell’s arXiv.

Some of you may have already seen the paper yesterday, as our community members whom actively scout the arXiv repositories for new submissions by our team have already gotten the scoop earlier, but we’re happy to share this to the wider community now as well!

Read our new research paper on Cornell’s arXiv now!

About the paper

This paper introduces a new consensus protocol, so-called STAIR, for fast consensus in DAG-based trustless system. In STAIR, we propose a new approach to creating local block DAG, namely x-DAG (cross-DAG), on each node. STAIR protocol is based on our Proof-of-Stake StakeDag framework [1] that distinguishes participants into users and validators by their stake. Both users and validators can create and validate event blocks. Unlike StakeDag’s DAG, x-DAG ensures that each new block has to have parent blocks from both Users and Validators to achieve more safety and liveness. Our protocol leverages a pool of validators to expose more validating power to new blocks for faster consensus in a leaderless asynchronous system. Further, our framework allows participants to join as observers / monitors, who can retrieve DAG for post-validation, but do not participate in onchain

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