Fantom Technical Update 14

Yellowblock September 23, 2019
Updated 2019/09/23 at 12:54 PM
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  • Implemented processing of EVM transactions in event blocks. Implemented transaction event in tx pool: PR#310.
  • Refactored consensus code: PR#318
  • Inputted validation of events: PR#320
  • Optimised Vectorclock: PR#322
  • Tested and fixed bugs in SignerAPI: PR#312
  • Refactored code of `src/gossip`
  • Fixed broadcast event test: PR#311
  • Geth-like API for Lachesis: PR#316
  • Implemented Eth logger: PR#319
  • Refactored Witness to Atropos: PR#321
  • Reviewed, merged: PR#306PR#308PR#309, and PR#319
  • Datarace fixed for src/evm_core package: PR#315
  • Preparing of demo launch in docker



  • New technical paper published on, “StairDag: Cross-DAG Validation For Scalable BFT Consensus” ( detailed improved consensus mechanisms with Leaderless Proof of Stake
  • Investing a new language for smart contracts, based on Quan Nguyen’s masters’ thesis. To help reason about smart contract
  • Guidelines for moderators of the Fantom Mainnet network to be published

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