Gravity, the Solution to Interoperability

Yellowblock June 11, 2020
Updated 2020/06/13 at 9:39 AM
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What is Gravity?

Waves ecosystem imagined Gravity as a new way of interacting between blockchains. Concretely, it is a blockchain-agnostic protocol with the purpose of allowing communications between different blockchains and the outside world.

A recurring issue

The booming cryptocurrency industry has seen a lot of great blockchain concepts being brought by genius minds. But after a few years of focusing on the decentralized aspect of those ideas, and with the rapid growth of users, an unexpected issue (back then) appeared.

How can we scale and open the communication gates between different, but complementary, blockchains?

Many existing projects are already trying to solve this problem but most of those are working on solutions complexifying the initial issue. Building another blockchain using a native token is a dead end as it just brings back the price volatility issue on the table and make the entire ecosystem driven by its own internal economy.

It also jeopardizes the decentralized aspect of the involved projects since they will rely on one single entity for the stability of the ecosystem.

As the saying goes: “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link”.

Why is Gravity different?

Gravity offers an all-in-one solution to most encountered issues quoted above. Instead of issuing a new token and thus, a new tokenomics, the network uses the existing native tokens of the blockchains revolving around Gravity ecosystem.

On top of that, Gravity implements solutions to work as a self-governing decentralized oracle. Which concretely means that anyone can participate for free without any technical or economical discrimination.

Concrete benefits and applications

Technically speaking, Gravity improved a couple innovative solutions for inter-communication such as: cross-chain transfer gateways, cross-chain delegation gateways and sidechains.

They all are, in a way or another, a medium of operating/calling for an action in a blockchain (A) from another blockchain (B) without having an account in both.

We will review in more detail all those technical specificities in a coming article.


Gravity offers one holistic solution to tackle multiple scalability and inter-blockchain communication issues. This is undoubtedly one of the remaining challenges to ensure worldwide adoption of blockchain technologies. Only the future will tell if this is a success but so far, the presented looks the way to go.



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