How One Man Is Trying to Access His Deceased Brother’s Bitcoin Stash

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Live Bitcoin News July 15, 2021
Updated 2021/07/15 at 1:34 PM
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A young man who committed suicide a few years ago left a massive bitcoin fortune worth more than $300,000 that his family cannot access.

A Lot of Bitcoin That’s Inaccessible

The brother of the man took to Reddit to seemingly ask bitcoin enthusiasts what his sibling’s password might be. He also asked if it was “morally wrong” to potentially garner access to the bitcoin stash, which contained as many as ten separate units.

The person in question relayed the story of his brother’s tragic death on social media. He wrote:

He was very much into crypto, and I can imagine he probably has upwards of five to ten bitcoins on there. Do you think it is morally wrong if I try to get access to the laptop? I believe his laptop is encrypted with Truecrypt (whole drive). Would there be some way for me to get access if I wanted to?

He further claimed that it had been rough since his brother had taken his own life approximately seven years ago, but that he and his family were now trying hard to move past the incident and get on with their lives. He further asked:

With bitcoin’s price increase, it could now be a life changing amount of money for my family, not just a few extra thousand. I just do not know if it is possible and how to go about it. He left three pieces of paper, which had a long string of characters, but he purposely tore all three of the papers a little (I think maybe three to four characters are missing). I do not know what they could be, but I guess it was his way of leaving a clue and saying, ‘If you can figure it out, good luck’ type of thing.

Despite the harshness of the situation, many Redditors cautioned the man from obtaining the assistance of third parties to try and gain access to the laptop and told him that he should keep trying himself. One person warned of potential scams, claiming:

His password will be somewhere on the laptop but try to look for it yourself before you go asking a third party for help who most likely might try to scam you.

Others tried to ease the pain of the young man, claiming that they felt his sibling would want him to have access to the cryptocurrency in question. One person said:

Unless your brother hated you, I think it is fine. Better for that money to at least bring someone or some people joy rather than just sit and do nothing.

So Much Lost Crypto in the World

A separate person explained:

I have told my family plenty of times how they could recover my bitcoin should something ever happen to me.

It is estimated that several million units of BTC cannot be accessed due to missing login data.

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