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Yellowblock October 7, 2019
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The importance of data integrity

Environmental data is an important source of information for social domains such as policy, legislation, taxation and investments. After all, the data is used to identify trends, to uncover connections and to demonstrate patterns. The important role of the data from these types of measurements makes them vulnerable to influencing by parties with an interest in the developments within such a social domain. Integrity must therefore be guaranteed when designing a process for recording these environmental measurements.

IoE in urban environments

Sensing and analysing home environmental data like micro-dust, humidity, CO2-levels and temperature can be helpful in many ways: reducing unnecessary energy use, helping create healthy and comfortable environments for tenants, and spotting risks and problems before they occur. By creating the “internet of environment” (IoE) for rental properties, we’re looking to support a letting agency  to provide better services to their tenants and to make better, more sustainable decisions in managing their properties.



IBM Circular Economy Data Network

Digitisation is key to drive the sustainability transformation forward. Data insights, combined and mined creatively, help us better understand our true impact, identify the most effective levers for change, and are also key to enabling circular solutions at scale. We believe we can each bring something to the table, together we can solve complex problems that we can’t solve by ourselves.

From the IBM Circular Economy Data Network website: “With Digital Mainport Drechtsteden we’ll be piloting the real-time linking of sensors to an IoT platform. LTO Network and V-ID provide the mechanism to certify that the sensing data originates from a trusted source. Together we ensure a scaleable setup to allow for growth once succesful.”


Monique van Maare, Social Business expert at IBM: “Combining Blockchain, IoT and predictive analytics will be key to enabling circular economy value chains.”

The first collaborating organisations for IoE are revealed

Marnix van den Berg, Founder V-ID: “More and more devices send data, often forming the basis for important decisions. IoE provides an ecosystem where IoT sensors can emit data along with a proof of data origin and creation time. In addition, Blockchain validated reports are generated with which data changes into authentic and comprehensible information.”



LTO Network and V-ID focus on different, but complementary aspects of blockchain technology.

V-ID has developed a platform to authenticate any digital file. After validation of the file, a recipient can check the authenticity of the file within 5 seconds. This makes it possible to share digital documents freely between people or platforms, without the risk of unlawful manipulation on the way to the receiver. V-ID’s customers include Airbus Space & Defence, Krohne and AmSpec.

LTO Network is a fully decentralized and highly efficient blockchain infrastructure that is easy to integrate in existing systems that brings efficiency and is production ready.

Where LTO Network focuses on the underlying data security structures, V-ID is a practical platform, intended for direct application in daily work processes. Both companies, however, have the main objective of facilitating the widest possible application of blockchain techniques with the lowest possible threshold for adoption of this technology.


Digital Mainport Drechtsteden (DMD) is a platform that stands for direction and secure regional data exchange. DMD consists of projects in the areas of housing, care, education, E-services, water management, smart city, living environment and mobility. Digital Mainport acts as matchmaker and accelerator of the IoE project.

Vitrumnet allocates the necessary capacity for IoE on their closed, highly secure regional fiber optic network.



Wico van Helden and Hans Uithol showing wireless sensors


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