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Panama Crypto July 15, 2019
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Interview with Bagsy

By Panama Crypto


1. Who is Bagsy, what is his background?

I was born in Montreal, Canada. I come from little. I’m luckily to have had parents who always made sure I had enough, but I was never spoiled by any means. I grew up in a rough neighborhood surrounded by a lot of trouble. I was always blessed with a good inner compass; not to say I never got into trouble, but my parents instilled a sense of right and wrong in me and I’ve used that to guide myself through time. I’m someone who’s been searching for an outlet where I could combine something I love doing and making that meaningful to myself while useful to others; I feel like I’ve finally found that outlet.

2. What are you currently working on and what are your plans for 2019 onward?

At the moment I’m working on self-improvement as a trader, as an investor and as a human being. I’ve found a great amount of pleasure in growing my communities (twitterdiscordYoutubeTwitch, etc). I feel there’s a big lack of positivist; which is understandable after everyone having gone through a rough bear market like we just saw. I want to bridge that gap in a way. I’m all about self-improvement and letting people know that it’s perfectly reasonable to go after what you want, despite the fact that people might tell you otherwise. Fxck what they think.

More recently, live-streaming has become something I’ve really enjoyed doing because it allows me a more personal touch with my friends and followers. I truly enjoy speaking my mind and I know that I’m beginning to make an impact, however small that may be.

3. What your first month of crypto looked like?

Pretty lonely. When it came to crypto I decided to stay quiet when it came to friends and family. I don’t know if that was in part due to the horror stories I heard about kidnappings/extortion or just the simple fact that I’m someone who keeps to myself about my personal business. Probably a combination of both. Thankfully, Crypto Twitter (CT) has allowed me a vessel where I can share with people and you know, make friends. We all need that sometimes, even if you’re a lone worf. Strength in numbers and after a while you can only learn so much by yourself, you need to branch out and connect, however scary that may be at first.

4. When full dox, or no Nye move?

I don’t know to be honest. I’m not against the idea of doxxing, however as I’m sure you’ve come to realize by now I’m someone who values privacy. I can get the same message out to people with or without a mask, so it would take some hell of a proposal for me to remove it. Time will tell.

5. What was your game-plan to go full time-crypto?

I didn’t have one at the time. I had a stack of BTC leftover from 15′- 16′ that I hadn’t touched/didn’t really pay much attention to until August 17′ when the media started covering it more and more; I then realized there were markets behind everything and that there were bountiful riches to be had (muh 100X). I did a full dive at that point and haven’t looked back since.

6. How your execution differed from your plan?

To be fair I had no idea what I was doing when I started out. I’ve always been the type of guy to jump head first into something and work it out as I go. I remember stalking the reddit/bitcointalk threads hunting for the hottest coins. It went pretty miserably in all honesty because BTC was doing it’s amazing race and I had no idea what hedging meant at the time, I just wanted to make my 100X, so that was a lesson in itself.

7. You took a leap of faith, how is it coming out for you?

Better than I could have ever dreamt of and I don’t mean that in a financial way. I traveled to Iceland a while ago and I met an old man who changed the way I saw the world. This sounds pretty dramatic but the take-away message he left with me was this: “What’s the point of all this knowledge if you’re never going to share it with anybody.”

Since he spoke those words to me, I dove head first into this whole Twitter-verse and I plan on becoming the best I can be. I don’t know everything, far from. I would also be lying if I told you and my followers that this is purely a charitable thing I’m doing. I want to win like anyone else. However, I also want to provide value and hopefully help people make better choices than I did when I first started out; I’ve made and lost more money than I can count, but the years of experience are invaluable and I plan on continuing to educate and hopefully make people’s lives a bit better through my art.

8. Please add below your favorite Twitter personality according to income streams from Crypto:

There are so many that it’s hard to choose from, but these are some that come to mind:

9. What shitcoins you hold currently?

There’s one project that I hodl and I speak on it from time to time, however I won’t mention it here. If you dig on my feeds you’ll find it.

10. Worst shitcoin you ever held?

A close tie between Saronite (XRN) and Digital Asset Exchange Token (DAXT); both at practically 0 in value now.

11. Best shitcoin you ever had?


12. What those long term bags look like?

I don’t hodl anymore.

13. Are ICOs/IEOs good idea for investors 2019 onward?

Typically not unless you know what you’re doing and you can afford to lose what you’ve invested.

14. When altseason?

Soon. It’ll happen, but not before the last hodler has capitulated. Many expect altseason not to return or that there are so many coins that there isn’t enough $/retail there to push it. I’m of the opinion that greed will supersede that and where there’s opportunity for gains there will be $ inflow. Time will tell, I’ve been wrong before.

15. LTC halvening, thoughts?

Good for LTC until it’s no longer. That narrative/FA has already helped LTC climb out from the depths, so it’ll be interesting to see how much more that plays into future pricing. Halvenings by definition are deflationary, which is very good in itself.

16. Binance Margin trading, how rekt people will get, or nah?

People are going to get proper fxcked so please be careful when using any kind of margin. Ask yourself this question: are you currently profitable in trading altcoins for more BTC? If not, forget about margin.

17. Bitcoin end of year price prediction?

19,776$ (Mex pricing).

So many good new people to follow, Bagsy is my favorite among them. Thanks to Bagsy for his time, give him a follow, he is one of the few that is following every single market movement, new coins, he is quite ahead in the game. You can find him here:





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