Interview with: Chuang Pei-Han. CEO of Morpheus Labs

Yellowblock June 20, 2019
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Get ready for an amazing interview with the founder and CEO of Morpheus Labs. Having spoken to him about his team and about the recent platform launch has gotten us excited beyond anything we have ever experienced. Buckle up and immerse yourself in the wonderful vision and entrepreneurship of the Morpheus Labs development team!

For those who have never heard of the CEO of Morpheus Labs, who is Chuang Pei-Han? Can you also introduce us to the Development Team?

I graduated in 2003 from the University of Melbourne in Information Systems (IS) and worked in Banking & Investment till 2010.

I’ve always been interested in problem-solving and opportunity identification in order to build a successful business model. Back in 2015, I ran a software development company and started to get some SME enquires about Blockchain Technologies.

I eventually took part in the SGInnovate programme where my first Blockchain startup was selected asone of the Incubatee, where I had the opportunity to enroll myself in a professional course through the MIT Fintech Initiative. Through this programme, I met Branson Lee and Bruce Lu Yang who later came on board as the Co- Founders of Morpheus Labs. I then met Dorel D. Burcea (Our current CIO), who was an ex-global CIO of Unicredit. Both Dorel and Bruce co-lead the current team of 5 in Morpheus Labs.

As CEO of Morpheus Labs, what can you tell us about the Core Business of this project and the services it provides? And why do you consider it as a ‘Platform for Inclusion’?

Morpheus Labs is a Singapore based startup which aims to develop a comprehensive full-stack Blockchain Platform and Application Marketplace. The platform offers an infrastructure for enterprises and developers to build and experiment their Blockchain applications effortlessly at a fraction of the current cost and time.


Which countries are you focusing on now? Do you see a growing demand of businesses wanting to integrate on the Blockchain?

Our primarily and current focus market will be Singapore. We are looking to expand across Asia in our initial stage, where Korea has been targetted as our key market. Undoubtedly, the demand for Blockchain Technology has increased drastically over the years and we expect it to surge from 2019. In recent year we have seen Blockchain getting mainstream and adopted, renowned universities implement Blockchain courses and curriculum, various governments are gearing up as Blockchain-powered nations and big enterprises committed huge investments in it.

The pent-up demand will eventually need to be realized as projects in the coming years, so that is one reason that we received many interests to distribute our platform and engage us. As part of the Business Roadmap, we have the intent to explore China within the next few months as they have anchored themselves as a Blockchain- powered Nation and a first mover in new technologies adoption.


Morpheus Labs has been selected by SGInnovate, a firm authorised by the Singaporean Government to select investment worthy start-ups. What does this mean for Morpheus Labs?

SGInnovate is one of few prominent incubators powered by the Singapore Government. Morpheus BPaaS idea was initially founded and selected under my previous startup years ago as the first batch of incubatee under the SGInnovate programme. However, that startup was not able to move further, and as the face and key founder of that startup, I brought the idea to the next stage with Branson and grew it, while inheriting all relationships from it.

Branson has extensive experience in Tech companies and within Fintech space. He is someone who is hands-on and willing to get his hands dirty and getting things done. With zero luxury of resources at the initial start, Branson had helped to shape the business, and together scale it to where it is today. Branson is also a member of the Singapore Fintech Association where the connection within can help to optimize the current resources.

In the early development phase the project already had several partnerships. What can you tell us about these partnerships?

a. Quarkchain and NEM collaborations at the initial stage allows us to validate on our idea and business model by integrating their technologies onto our platform. Their inclusion had boosted the confidence in the use of the platform to encourage adoption and open doors to more opportunities.

b. Sure International, a leading telco carrier supplier with an intensive clientele base had been our onboarding partner since July 2018. We had validated on our Go-To-Market strategy with them as they enable us to understand what end clients want. With their expertise and strong foothold within the telco industry, they have strategically opened up new opportunities for us within the scope of partnership. We had earlier shared the insights of the partnership here.

c. Recently we achieved consensus to collaborate with Hanwha and a few other education partners.

d. All of the above are crucial as to ensure that we are on the correct path and allow us to commercialize early.

Congratulations for launching the Morpheus Labs Platform. When can we expect to see clients finally using it?

All new products need to go through few stages, launch > get in first batch (few) of paying clients > establish sales process > scale. Hence, I would expect the revenue to reach a stable and accelerated growth within 6 months after the launch, which is around April 2019. This scalability is closely related to our Go-To-Market — distribution channels, which we are garnering good response and take up rate.


Last weeks you announced new strategic partners: Quarkchain, NEM, NULS, Neurochain Tech, and VeChain. How will they add value to Morpheus Labs?

There are many good Blockchains providing different benefits for different audience groups. Onboarding these Blockchains will help us to joint forces in Tech, Business Development and Marketing to reach out to correct audience efficiently.

While they provide their core expertise in Tech, and we provide our platform to help bridge Tech requirement and enhance efficiency to push live for the projects. With tremendous community support on their end the marketing and business development efforts will definitely be optimized.

What are the specific strengths and advantages that Morpheus Labs has over its competitors?

— Well balanced and cross functional team with only “Doer” attitude, — Teamwork

— Each of us lead on one vertical and cover others. This is the most important factor to execute correctly and effectively.

— Discipline: Whole team is responsive to all internal and external tasks, where we are often still communicating till 3–4 am. This allows us to move fast.


Are there any regional regulatory developments concerning Cryptocurrency affecting Morpheus Labs?

As of now, most of the regulatory developments center around Security Tokens. At the end of the day, we welcome clear regulatory framework as it helps to protect investors as well as providing a clear direction for technology to flourish. We are all for regulations that will weed out scams and protect retail investors. Statistics have shown that 70% of ICOs did not eventually create a product, and that’s not what we want.

Within every company there are short, medium and long-term goals. What can we expect to see from you in the future?

a. In the next 6–8 months, we aim to establish more distributorships and more partnerships with more prominent Blockchains, to lay down a strong scalable business structure.

b. Followed by the next 12 months, it would be our scaling phase to grow our business and capturing markets.

c. 2 years from now, we expect to have grown significantly and be one of top 5 infrastructure players in the globe. And ready for next stage of growth.

Do you have any final thoughts that you would like to share with our readers?

Entrepreneurs are constantly looking for a correct product to fit into correct market at the correct time. As a serial entrepreneur, I had failed once, succeed once and advising a few, I believe Morpheus Labs has correct marketing fit at good timing. That is the reason we are seeing validation from renown partners, clients and distributors. From the Blockchain aspect, we will be seeing a booming of infrastructure as the pressure to implement is building up.

From Crypto aspect, 2018 is a bad year as it is a “cleanse” bad projects to consolidate and make ways for real products to grow. Therefore I believe that 2019 will be a year to take note on both Blockchain and Crypto.

For more information visit the official Morpheus Labs website and follow Morpheus Labs on Twitter and Telegram.


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