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By Mounia Rabhi

Pull up a chair and take some notes folks! Because we managed to ask the one and only Rand about the key to his successes. When it comes to getting things done en continuing to improve on them, Rand seems to have done it all. Immerse yourself in the thinking of a mastermind and his entrepreneurship!

A lot of people have heard about CryptoRand. Tell us something about the man behind the brand. Who are you?

I’m a 27 years old guy, passionate about tennis, philosophy and international conflicts. I studied a couple of degrees plus an MBA, to mention some of my worst investments ever. In my free time, I love to travel, play tennis, write and try new restaurants. I love to meet interesting people and I’m always trying to get involved in new projects to feed my working hunger.

It has come to my attention that you bought your first BTC in 2014, can you walk us through that moment? Can you also tell about 2016/2017, when you bought your first alts. And which ones did you buy first?

I bought my first Bitcoin in 2014 thanks to a friend who was studying Electronic Engineering. His teacher was an early Bitcoin miner and ATM’s entrepreneur. He made everyone in his classroom buy some BTC, so I did too. I forgot about it during years but later on at the end of 2016 — early 2017 I checked how the price has increased since then.

I researched more about the underlying tech behind, some economic factors and so on. To finally decide to buy more. But this time I didn’t stop there and discovered more coins during my research so I ended on Poloniex buying some coins more: $XRP, $STR, $XLM, $LSK, $XEM, $VTC…and more later on.

You also have a company by the name What can you tell us about this venture?

That’s the website where I post about all my businesses, for now:

— A trading community, where along with some more analysts and researchers we provide educational content and guidance about trading and investing in cryptocurrencies.

— Blockground Capital, an investment fund that I co-founded and that has already managed over 15 million in less than a year with an overall profit of 246% to date.

— A company for the assessment of blockchain companies, where my team provides guidance on the ICO structure, whitepapers, roadmaps, marketing campaigns, help with the listing on exchanges etc.

— A mining company that the last month, became international as we have factories now in two countries and are planning for some more.

— I’m also doing interviews through my blog, where I try to approach blockchain projects to present it to the average investor. I already interviewed successful projects like NEO, Monero, Power Ledger, Tron and Wanchain.

— Additionally, I’m running some charity campaigns using cryptocurrencies. This year I raised over 12,000 $ to build a new area on an Ivory Coast school.

Has Crypto affected your life in some form and what impact did it have on you personally?

Well, it totally changed my life. Now I’m the owner of my life and my time. I feel grateful for that. For the rest of my life I can focus on building whatever I like without worrying about anything else. My passion is to build new projects from zero by investing or working actively on them, now I’m able to do so almost without limitation. Out of the crypto world, I will be opening my own restaurant and bar soon, which makes me extremely happy.

Is there something else besides Crypto that you like to pursue in your spare time?

In my spare time, I like to play tennis, paddle, write or just hang with my friends. When I want to fully disconnect I love to travel around the world and visit new restaurants. I already visited +36 countries and I’m not planning to stop anytime soon. To travel is healthy for the mind and the soul, an addiction. I like to travel solo so I can merge myself with the locals and know the real way of life and culture of the places I’m visiting.

You now have a whopping 200k followers. What is your secret and how do you successfully engage with so many followers? Do you consider yourself a big player?

I think there is no secret, just hard work, and dedication. In the beginning I found that most of the charts shared were really complicated for the newcomer so I started to make them easier adding explanations about the indicators and so on.

Also, I always tried to be approachable and friendly with my followers. Finally, let’s also be really honest here: I think I was at the right place at the right time, that always helps. I don’t consider myself a big player, maybe a fish, a salmon (salmon is tasty when cooked properly). The big players are not messing around Twitter, the most wealthy people I know don’t even have social networks accounts.

What are the major challenges that come with having a big exposure and at the same time, still being that guy who should be able to have his ‘flaws’ like any other man and woman out there?

The major change by far comes with the mindset. Maybe sounds stupid to let anonymous people to condition your mood. But it totally happened to me, in the best and the worst way possible. I had some Twitter episodes that bring me totally down for days.

But also some people shared with me words that got me extremely proud and happy. Now I learned how to protect myself way more and I don’t join any polemic or salty episode. I just chill and flow with good vibes avoiding all the negativity. Life is too short, and worrying about toxic people is giving them your time and making them win.


What are your must-go-to sources when it comes to information and news gathering? Do you have a certain routine that you like to stick to?

I don’t check any media outlet for crypto news (in fact, I have most of them muted). My source is Medium and Twitter. In both places, I follow the updates straight from the companies or relevant people on the scene.

Can you share your favorite method of trading and what are the pros and cons of this method that you use?

I don’t have any specific method. I flow with the market conditions. I like to play the most basic chart patterns. The retest on a falling wedge breakout is by far my favorite entry, and double tops my favorite exit. Volume is also my favorite indicator, I don’t understand how some people can trade without it. MA’s are always helpful too.

Like many people advise, it’s important to keep an eye on more markets than the Crypto Market alone. Do you have some tips for our readers who are planning to diversify their investments?

Absolutely! Diversification is absolutely key and needed for peace of mind. Personally, I’m invested in precious metals (especially Silver), some ETF’s (emerging markets ones are my favorites right now) and a couple of REIT’s.

Additionally, I also bought my own real estate properties, invested in two traditional business and as said earlier: soon I will have my own restaurant & bar! What is the most valuable lesson you have learned as a trader/ Crypto investor? Sell, at some point, you have to sell. It’s what got me relaxed during this bear market.

I personally have this take profit structure:

— 30% to reinvest in alts

— 25% to BTC moonbag

— 25% to BTC buy-altsblood-bag

— 20% to USD

What are your future plans concerning Crypto as a whole?

To continue learning and increase my network. Crypto allowed me to know (and later become friends) with some of the smartest people I’ve ever met. That’s one of the best things you can get from the community. Tons of knowledge, ideas and many people with a hunger to improve and create a change.

Do you have a final thought that you would like to share with our readers?

Question everything you know. Read a lot, become strong and ambitious, don’t let the government protect or help you. Lead your life and be grateful.

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