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Teddy Cleps
Teddy Cleps June 21, 2017
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By Teddy Cleps


It is with great pleasure to introduce to you the intelligent and professional Trader and Author, Cryptorangutang. This guy has developed his Trading skills and gained years of experience of Fundamental Analysis to become one of the most valued experts in the Cryptocurrency Space. This interview illustrates the importance of gaining experience, educating yourself and undergoing losses is a part of developing into a professional Cryptocurrency Trader. Like Cryptorangutang says: “Experience, instead of following.”

Tell me a little bit about you, who is Cryptorangutang?

I am a full-time cryptocurrency trader and a book author. Some time ago I could probably call myself a gem hunter, but now that term is more of an insult than anything else, so let’s say that my niche is finding high quality alts before anyone else. I have a free trading diary on Telegram, a free research group on Discord and outside of my TA/FA, I occasionally make crypto gifs. What more can you ask for from an ape?

When did you first hear about Crypto? And why did you get involved?

It’s hard for me to remember the absolute first time when I heard about it, it was probably years ago but I wouldn’t count that as getting interested in crypto. I got really involved when my friends were going nuts on ETH at the end of 2016 and I started trading myself early 2017. I just left my previous job as a PM in a digital agency and was trying my luck with some startup ideas. At the same time my best friend was having a really good run in crypto, so I decided I would give it a try as well. I am a full-time trader since the day one, spending 16-18 hours a day for the first weeks/months studying the space and it’s been my only source of income in the beginning as well. I didn’t start with much and I had to pay my monthly expenses with the gains, so I definitely didn’t have much room for error. In the end it turned out not bad after all although I wouldn’t recommend copying me here, it was against all the rational approaches, including not investing more than you can lose.

What hobbies do you have outside of Crypto, charting and trading?

I am a huge movie fan and I do video editing myself. I have been planning to launch a YT channel for a long time now so hopefully some of those skills will be visible soon enough. Besides that, I am currently learning to play the guitar and I am an NBA freak (go Bulls! Or at least don’t suck so much).

What motivated you to join “Crypto Twitter” and to eventually share your charts?

At the beginning I created the account with the sole purpose of following some big profiles like Wolf and Yoda as that was the hype back then. When I understood the perks of having a following (networking and often inside knowledge, exposure for my work) I started being more active as well, but I never aimed to create a brand and treat it seriously, it was simply a fun thing to do when the market was bullish. If I knew I would become that big I would definitely choose a different name for myself (I couldn’t care less about orangutans and I have no idea why I put that “g” at the end of it). I guess this was the only animal back then that still was not taken on CT.

Did you ever have a job within the finance/trading world? Or did Crypto introduced you to candles?

I didn’t work within the finance world, but I had contact with trading at my university and I had a very small stint with Forex before crypto. That is also outside of me simply learning TA before I began trading but the main experience definitely came with crypto. I was always extremely bored with finance and economics, so I must say I am kind of surprised that I ended up trading for a living, while not so long ago I was considering trying my luck as a director.

Did Crypto have a big impact on your day to day life? Or is it a late night hobby?

It changed my life from the first day I started trading. I no longer have a division between job and free time, everything now around me is associated with crypto. I could sit in front of the charts for 24 hours straight or study shitcoins and I wouldn’t feel exhausted by it, as I really enjoy it. I could use a little bit less crypto talk around friends and family though, the conversations are usually nothing short of cringy. Last Christmas I also gave my family some XSN as a gift, can’t wait till I tell them what is the current value of it now.

Do you spend a lot of time charting/researching daily? What are your favorite educational resources?

Right now, not so much as obviously the market is slower. I never had a very strict routine for this stuff, one day I could sit 30 minutes to simply update myself on my positions or I could spend the whole day if I found an exciting coin that I wanted to research. I generally spend ton of time daily on crypto, but not always it’s on charting/researching but more on interacting with the community or on some side projects like I am currently doing. I tend to stick to Twitter and Discord, everything that is important is going to reach those platforms anyway.

What are your favourite indicators/tools that you use to confirm your analysis?

I end to keep it simple – horizonal support/resistance levels with volume and RSI to spot divergences on various time frames. I do play patterns if they fit the criteria (mostly volume, too many people on CT trade patterns that do not work as a continuation or lack the matching volume profile). Besides this as my main analysis, I occasionally tend to check fibs and bbands as well and once in a while I would probably turn on the ichimoku cloud to see if there is any confluence with my main setup.


What was the most valuable lesson you have learned as a trader? Any major mistakes that turned out to be great lessons?

Probably my biggest lessons came when I first started trading leverage on Mex and after May/June alt season. The first thing thought me to always have a trading plan before I enter a trade, as simple alt trading does not punish you so much for bad risk management as a 10x position will do. At the very beginning I used to ride small moves with no SL and subpar entries that in such a volatile market are a recipe for a nice liquidation notice. Blew up my account and since then I am a lot more conservative with trading leverage, but I believe you have to get screwed over on it by yourself to really learn that lesson. Simply hearing about others saying to be careful won’t make you start managing trades more, especially on Arthur’s territory. And he will catch you one day or another.

The second one was a big hit for my portfolio not USD but BTC-wise. Alts had massive retracements following months and people were all HODL at that time, which got me stuck in multiple positions, losing my profits daily. It was a quick lesson on the volatility of the market and the dynamic market cycles, that had me reevaluate my profit taking strategy. They say that it’s not a loss until you sell – it’s actually not a profit until you realize it and it’s always a loss once you get underwater. I value my portfolio in terms of what I would have right now if I sold all my positions, so if I see a better opportunity to make up for some of my losses elsewhere, I am cutting that underwater bag and doing just that. Waiting for a position to get back into breakeven is what got so many people rekt during 2018.

Do you have a favourite long term HODL?

I don’t because I do not believe in HODLing as it’s associated with too big of an opportunity cost for me to consider holding something for years. The only coin that I am willing to hold that long is BTC and if you are asking on what coin I am most bullish going forward – I will probably still say QNT. This bear market was a good opportunity to see which coins are here to stay and which ones will last as long as their ICO funds allows them to. Which is not very long.

What advice can you give to someone that is new to crypto?

Cut out the noise and jump into this thing by yourself. Right now, there is so many paid groups, mentors and all that other bs that makes new traders look up to them and subconsciously or not follow their moves as well. When I started I never even thought of asking anyone what they think about a specific coin or what do they think about my setup. I got rekt in my bad assessment of the coin’s quality and I got rekt by being shitty in TA which motivated me to study it more. The best lessons are always the once that come from our own experience and I don’t see how the new guys following big CT accounts are going to learn anything else rather than “well, I’m not following you again next time”. It’s good to have more resources to learn from, that is what the Twitter is offering. Just don’t fall for the successful images people are creating here, because all of us make tons of mistakes, which most won’t ever show. For them it’s just another deleted tweet but for you it might be a costly mistake for your portfolio. Experience, instead of following.

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