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Panama Crypto July 16, 2019
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Interview with John McAfee

By Panama Crypto


1. Tell us about your background, and how/why you ended up in crypto.

My background is exclusively in software engineering, 75% of which was focused on cyber-security. I have a doctorate in mathematics, which is the foundation of all software. Software is nothing more than mathematics applied the world of binary numbers, so it was a natural migration for me.

I became involved with cryptocurrencies after I read Satoshi’s white paper. I saw instantly the paradigm changing power of the blockchain and how it could be used to solve many of the intractable problems facing cybersecurity. It was just a short step to becoming involved with cryptocurrencies.

2. What entrepreneurial fields you are invested in?

My investments in technology these days is an investment of my time and my name only. I am constantly surprised that my name has value. To me it is an indication of how shallow today’s societies have become. But… it seems to bring in money so I should not complain. I work with companies who create out of the box products or services — unique advances that help the world rather than divide it.

You are a technology visionaire:

3. Why the delayed entry in crypto?

What does “delayed” mean? Cryptocurrency is in its infancy. I got in as soon as someone pointed me to Satoshi’s white paper.

4. How will quantum computing will affect crypto?

Quantum computing will have no effect on crypto, beyond decreasing the cost of mining. All advances in computational machines are beneficial.

5. How can crypto adapt to quantum computing?

There is no adaptation required. Quantum computing merely solves problems faster, more efficiently and solves problems that have resisted classical solutions. It will help every area to which classical computing is now applied, including the cryptocurrency world.

6. Who will be top dogs (cryptocurrency, miners, exchanges) in 10 years?

Miners will always be top dog. They create the coins, which are then used by all. After mining is tapped out they will become the transaction processors, without which the coins would be useless.

7. You are 72 years old, how you manage to keep up with your life rhythm?

I marry young women. I trade them in when they reach their thirties. A young wife will always keep a man young.

8. Who are you fan #1 in crypto? Why?

Brock Pierce, who is a close friend of mine. I respect him because he is a god in the world of partying (surpassing even my own indulgence) and yet maintains the presence of mind to keep D10e a worldwide success as the number one distributed systems disruptive conference.

9. Entertain us with your personal most crazy story.

I fear it would take too many pages. I suggest you Google “McAfee Madman” and read any of the juicy stories that show up.

10. Recommendations to crypto developers/entrepreneurs?

The only positive recommendation that I can give I’d never, under any circumstances use a soft wallet that runs on your phone, laptop, etc. Use a hardware wallet.


I have been following John since his days in Belize in 2012, his life will be used by Hollywood to make many movies. Undoubtedly controversial, mostly crazy, but no one can deny he is brilliant on all challenges he has encountered.

Many thanks John, it was my pleasure.

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