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Panama Crypto July 16, 2019
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Interview with Komodo

By Panama Crypto


1. What is KMD? How it will better than the rest?

Komodo is a full-fledged blockchain platform with zero knowledge privacy, decentralized exchange building upon the atomic swap protocol. Additionally the platform features a decentralized tokenization & distribution of “assetchains” (independent sidechains) that are integrated with all Komodo features. The atomic swap exchange consists of a decentralized marketmaker, ordermatching, Liquidity Provider network, and SPV client integration. Data storage on the blockchain is enabled through our key value capability. The Komodo blockchain also has a randomizer that can be used to build other decentralized applications. There are no other competitors that offer such a rich blockchain solution.

2. How will KMD simplify the usage of smart contracts?

I can’t talk about this yet.

3. How different is KMD from your closest competitor?

Our closest competitor does not have an advanced marketmaker and nor do they have automated order matching. We are years ahead in atomic swap technology. 500 atomic swaps took place 2 days ago that happened in multiples of up to 10 simultaneous swaps per user.

4. What lays ahead in the short/long term for KMD?

Once the MNZ dICO is completed, Komodo Platform will move on to the next strategic partner. We will also release a working version of the BarterDEX

5. Can you put to bed accusations of JL777 of abandoning previous projects and market manipulation?

JL777 never left a project. He put many things on hold due to the NXT Venture going wrong. Our project started in NXT. However, they changed the rules and it affected all tokens under their platform. This is when JL777 took the decision to create a blockchain platform that allows tokenization of fully independent sidechains that are never co-dependant or married to the parent chain. In fact, all assets that JL777 created in NXT are being migrated to Komodo Platform assetchains in January.

6. What happened to Monaize dICO? ETA?

Transparency report.
We did not expect Bitcoin to be unswappable during the dICO. Network circumstances render bitcoin almost useless for atomic swaps. Due to network congestion’s users will most likely fail to complete any swaps and it would end up in loss of transaction fees. We want to provide a better experience for BTC contributors. The solution has been created and it will be made public by Monaize.

7. What coming dICOs KMD has on the pipeline?

Cannot comment on this.

8. Marketing is lacking, what are plans to improve it?

Komodo Platform has hired new marketing personnel to improve image and expand reach. However, we are not a marketing agency. We are an open source blockchain project. Therefore our focus is on the technology.

9. Community seems small and inactive, how you planning to create the next wave of hard-core KMD evangelists?

Have you checked our github? That’s what you should be looking at. We are not shillers. Our technology and future ventures/partnerships will speak for itself.

10. Plenty of competition on the privacy-end, what is the plan to tackle it?

Komodo features end-to-end encryption and utilizes ZK-SNARKS to protect privacy. Additionally we have built a native feature called Jumblr into the platform. It leverages zero knowledge proofs to anonymize transactions with expanded functions such as “silent mode” or send to multiple secret addresses. Additionally, Jumblr can be leveraged with BarterDEX to anonymize any cryptocurrency including BTC.

11. There is a saying in Spanish “El que mucho abarca poco aprieta”. KMD seems to have plenty on its plate to develop, but is not focusing
on a single one and seems to be under-delivering on each aspect. How will KMD improve from this outsider perception?

Komodo Platform is becoming more organized and business savvy. From an outside perspective we are being judged as a corporation. We are not. It’s a young project that is developing in uncharted territories. Hiccups are expected but we learn from our mistakes.

Komodo Platform is the only end-to-end Blockchain solution with working products. Currently all other competing Blockchain are either planning or in middle of development.

Komodo will participate in three important conferences for Blockchain investors:

A. Dubai on November 22.

B. Singapore on November 29.

C. Abu Dhabi on December 7.

Is my opinion that Komodo is a solid investment, and currently undervalued.

Please DYOR before investing, do not trust anyone to do Fundamental Analysis for you, you are the sole responsible of where you chip in.

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