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By Mounia Rabhi

Do you know that feeling when you talk to someone and think “I’ve been doing it all wrong?” Well let me tell you, that is exactly how I felt after finishing the interview with this Koroush. So get ready, for we are going to take a dive into the mind of a fantastic and extremely successful entrepreneur and trader that we could get our hands on!

Tell us more about you, who is this gentleman called Koroush?

I’d like to begin by thanking you for this experience, I hope it will be enjoyable to your readers. Moving on to “Who is Koroush”, I imagine people close to me would say I am a positive person with an infectious positivity. I believe in karma, and that the energy I transmit will ultimately come back to me.

We have been told that you bought your first BTC late 2016, can you walk us through that moment?

My journey became in late 2016, with a small investment in Ether and Bitcoin.

At this point I was an extremely passive investor, seeing any sort of trading as gambling. There was then the euphoria of the pump, leading to my crazy journey into trading. Shortly, gaining and losing 6 figure became a common occurrence.

Strangely, I would made far less money if I had a full understanding of trading and risk management. I then began to read as widely as I could: books, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit and anything else I could source. My mathematics degree was definitely useful, providing an intuitive understanding of data analysis and probability, the first step on the path to eventually becoming a profitable trader.

What line of work do you do when you are not trading Cryptocurrencies?

I have a passion for creating businesses. Here is a list of successful and admittedly less successful attempts: wholesale kitchenware import, marble and granite trade, ski repair, social media marketing, travel company, property salvage, property development… and more. The nature of the work is such that there are many failures, or, better put, some efforts “are successful confirmations that an idea doesn’t work”, but the ones that do succeed surely make up for it. When you have a passion for the journey, it becomes easy to grind until you find the gems.

Is there something else besides Crypto that you like to pursue in your spare time?

Yes, certainly. I am particularly passionate about Olympic rings. I have the long term goals of holding an Iron Cross for 5 seconds. If you are unaware of this magnificent hold, do check it out on YouTube. I also love manga and anime! I have been working on creating my own with a friend for some time now. Actually, the very same person who did the art for my animated video on YouTube.

You told your followers on Twitter recently that you have been a successful entrepreneur since University. What is the secret to your success?

It all comes down to self awareness. To expand on that, you need to be aware that you love the journey not the results. If you are chasing the CEO title, a 4 hour work week sipping mojitos on a beach or money, you will lose. There’s just no way of putting up with the ugly parts of entrepreneurship (the failures, the wasted time, the wasted money, the crazy hours or the rejections) if you purely seek end results. Secondly, one requires the awareness and humility to identify weaknesses and actively work on them every day. Opportunities are all around us and we need to make sure that, when they present themselves, we have built the mindset and skill set to take advantage of them. A bonus tip would be to plan for every venture to fail and make sure you still come out with a new or further developed skill set at the end.

From my understanding you have a solid daily routine and meditation, exercising, and reading are a major part in this. Can you tell us more about it? And why is a well-structured life important for having long term successes?

I’d love to share more about it. Meditation cultivates attention and awareness, which are essential to trading and entrepreneurship. The most important step in meditation is consistency. Whatever your practice, it must be done routinely, so take that first step. I meditate 10–20 minutes a day no matter what, ideally I will prepare before a session by focusing my intention and journal. Thereafter, it comes down to time and willpower. As for my training, I follow a strict diet and workout 6 days a week with 1 day of fun. I have a high metabolism, eating around 4000 calories a day. Unsurprisingly, on my days off, I end up consuming an absurd amount of food… I have reached well over double my normal intake before. In terms of practicality the exercise helps emotional stability, willpower, general happiness and health.


I keep to a very strict routine, planning my days to the minute (I even include minutes to account for unexpected phone calls). This is both a strength and a weakness in that while, for the majority of the time, I am incredibly productive, unexpected events can disrupt my plans significantly and it can take some time to fall back into routine. If you are generally more flexible use it to your advantage!

In what way has Crypto influenced the direction of your personal and professional life?

Crypto was initially just the next opportunity that came along, nothing more than a fun new adventure that came my way. It wasn’t until I started twitter that it became something more. Twitter gives me a medium to educate and motivate. The best part about adding value to people’s lives is I win as much as they do. I told you I believe in karma and an unbelievable amount of opportunity has come my way since I started delivering value on twitter. I am immensely grateful to all those who follow and have supported me.

What are your ‘must-go-to-educational resources’?

Nothing impacts me more than a good book. There are lots of resources to learn trading strategies; literally just type it into YouTube and dig a bit. However, mindset is what you need to develop to succeed at the long game. For that end, these are fantastic reads:

  • “Meditations” by Marcus Aurelius (Stoic Philosophy)

  • “Market Wizards: Interviews with Top Traders” by Jack Schwager (See the immense variety amongst successful traders but notice the traits that stay the same throughout)

  • “The Mind Illuminated” John Yates (Only meditation book you need)

The Technical Analysis you share on Twitter is typically very clear and structured. Do you have any favorite indicators that you use to confirm your analysis?

So any indicator or Trading Strategy is as useful as the system being used to implement it. What is my favorite may be useless to another and vice versa. Personally I find RSI and volume very useful.


Who are your favorite Twitter accounts whom you follow their content closely? Are there any you look up to?

Everyone I follow is awesome and obviously I love the Cryptofreaks crew. There is one tweeter who I look up to and see as a mentor, @tradingroomapp. He is a phenomenal trader and a genuine person.

What is the most valuable lesson you have learned as a trader?

No matter how in control you think you are, never underestimate your emotions.

As many state, it’s important to keep an eye on more markets than the Cryptocurrency market alone. How do you diversify your investments?

I hold a take in many things: property, stocks, high risk loans, cash and there is one more thing, that I will share with you here. So I have a small percentage dedicated to precious metals, with the goal of making a treasure chest.

What are your future plans concerning life in general? And Crypto as a whole?

Generally I just strive for health, wealth and happiness. I’m actually working with quite a few people who are both traders and entrepreneurs. They have approached me on Twitter and we’re building. If you fall into the trader and entrepreneur category, you’re welcome to slide into my dm’s. I could see my future being hugely revolved around this but that’s all I can say on that for now! Blockchain tech will change the world but I’m not over exposing myself to Crypto.

What advice can you give to someone who is just starting to trade Crypto?

Patience is the best advice I can give. There is beauty and reward in this space but you must be able to survive long enough to find it. If something sounds too good to be true, it normally is and there’s no secret formula to millions!

Is there anything else that you would like to share with our readers?

Thank you again for this flattering experience and a big thank you for everyone who got this far through my ramblings, you’re all awesome!

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