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Teddy Cleps
Teddy Cleps June 21, 2017
Updated 2020/02/18 at 4:11 PM
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By Teddy Cleps

Today we have a very special interview with one of the most recognisable influencers in the business, which is strange, for noone has ever laid eyes on his face. Shill Nye, the masked community member, has graced us with an insight of who the man behind the mask really is.


Tell me more about the person behind the mask? And are we ever going to see you without it?

I’m just a normal dude, working really hard towards my vision of what I want to do in the future. I really believe in this space, the people behind this space and the technology behind this space.

‘ Are you ever going let people look at you without the mask? ‘

Maybe, maybe not ahah. It really depends where certain circumstances lead and where the space heads and to what happens to the future — which I obviously can’t tell.


How did you get involved in this crazy crypto world?

I was buying Bitcoin in 2012/2013 because it was the only way to buy certain things online, let’s just leave it to that ahah — that ‘s how I got first involved and interested in the technology on a very basic level. One of my friends then hit me up at the end of last year saying that he was heavily invested in crypto, and asked me if I wanted to be part of it. At that point I decided to go full time and to really learn about it.


Did you have any financial/trading experience before? Or did crypto introduce you to candles?

Crypto introduced me — I had very little experience in terms of trading. I did buy some stocks when I was in college, but I gained no experience from it at all. So yeah, crypto did introduce me to candles — I would sit 15 to 18 hours per day for months learning and getting rekt in the process BUT ended up making a decent amount of money at the end.

You have been on Twitter for a while, have you always been this active? What motivated you to grow a big audience?

I had this twitter account since 2015, but never really used it — when i was introduced to Crypto Twitter I noticed that there was a huge gap between what people wanted and what people were delivering so I decided to do my best to fill that gap by launching Shill NYE in February, I started to put out a ton of content and people really liked it and it grew from there!

We always see you travelling around the world! Any memorable crypto-abroad experience?

I was in Seoul, South Korea and I got to meet 3LAU — an amazing DJ, artist, musician and he is heavily involved with crypto and that was really memorable. One of my big goals is to merge the crypto scene with other influencer scenes, specifically the music industry and meet people involved and share with them why Iam so passioned about this technology and why Ithink it’s the future — and see if they have any interest.

Did crypto have a big impact in your life? or is it a part-time ‘hobby/hustle’?

Literally all I do is crypto, I travel for crypto — all of my businesses revolve around crypto — the majority of what I think is related to crypto.

My life is crypto.


Do you spend a lot of time charting/researching daily? What are your favourite educational resources?

I don’t really chart or research anymore, especially not in this bear market. I spend most of time learning about this industry and the technology. Prices and charts as we speak are irrelevant to me right now — it will become more relevant once we hit a clear reversal. Shoutout to Crypto Cred — he has great TA lessons on youtube for free. A fantastic educational resource right there!

What was the most valuable lesson you have learned as a trader/investor? Any major mistakes that turned out to be great lessons?

Yeah man, losing all of my money when I first started trading cryptocurrencies — got hella rekt. However, I was able to learn from those lessons, I was able to put things together and consequently create a strategy — which having one in place allowed me to become successful for a good period of time.

Which strategy worked out best for you in the end?

Mostly learning risk management. Not going all in on coins and choosing how to manage my risk. Also, learning to take profits when I am up 2–3x was massive for me too.

Do you have a favourite long term HODL?

Yeah Bitcoin! that’s the only project I’m really really bullish long term. The rest of the coins are very speculative. It does not mean that they wont do well but its all speculation — I don’t really hold heavy onto any specific altcoins at any specific time.

What advice can you give to someone who is new to crypto?

Patience — you hear about these x10000, huge pumps and making insane amounts of money but if you are constantly following that, you will just end up getting rekt. Unless you learn to be patient and take a different angle on it you wont learn anything — as a matter of fact the majority of those that caught a x10000 were just really lucky, not all of them.

You don’t learn anything from being lucky.

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