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By Mounia Rabhi

With every interview we publish there is always that lingering question we ask ourselves: how should we introduce our interviewee to the community? Well this time it is an obvious one, no not because she is one of the few women in the trade, but rather the amount of time and effort she spends on educating the public about what Crypto can do for them! This lady is all over the place mixing it up with the masses and her company is doing great work reaching out to the public and conveying the merits of the future of Crypto. Enjoy the read!

Tell me a little bit about you, who is WendyO?

Wendy O is a fulltime college student who became obsessed with Crypto. Somehow also began hosting Crypto meetups in Southern California, became a decent chartist and now has a Youtube channel conducting interviews and posting TA education. Never in a million years did I think I would have a Youtube channel and be doing Crypto fulltime.

While doing Wendy O stuff I chase a 2yo around the house. Our days consist mostly of singing, eating peanut butter sandwiches and of course listening to her favorite musician Willie Nelson — lol. That magic internet money is crazy.


What line of work did you do before going into Crypto?

I worked as a healthcare partner for the last 7 years for in infectious disease helping coordinate patients care.


When did you first hear about crypto? And when did you get involved?

I first heard about Crypto when a family member asked to borrow my credit card to purchase Bitcoin, this was around 2011, to purchase computer software or gaming stuff. I laughed, called him crazy and declined. I then heard Bitcoin being mentioned on Libertarian radio in late 2017 and decided it was time to get involved. I was going through a transitional period in my life with family and work and desperately wanted something to change for the better and it did.

Does Crypto have a big impact on your day to day life?

Yes, I now do it full time. From trading, teaching, hosting meetups and creating media content for my Youtube channel. I’m also the CEO of an upcoming Blockchain business ran by myself and 2 other partners. Details will be coming on that soon, we are still sorting things out. I always wanted to start my own business and this platform we are creating is an idea that I had years ago but I was unable to do it because of the cost. But Crypto will make it come to fruition.

How do you balance being a Crypto Trader and influencer with your family life?

Crypto is awesome but it’s time consuming. I spend many hours a day working and then balancing family life and school. Balancing everything is challenging at times but I know Crypto is where I need to be. Because of Crypto I get to work from home on my terms. I get to see my daughter and be there for her. Before Crypto I worked in healthcare and would work four 10-hour shifts and commute. My drive was 2 hours in the am and 1.5 hours at night — I would leave at 6 AM and get home at 8:30 PM and would only see her during the AM while getting ready. This was torture. I promised never to work a job like that and so far I kept that promise. I will take Crypto long hours so I can be home and live life on my terms.

You mentioned that you also organize meetups. What are your future plans concerning Crypto as a whole?

My meetups I want to always keep for free. I believe that face to face interaction is essential for mass adoption and will help facilitate our ecosystem as a whole.

I have A LOT of plans for the future — here I go.

I’m seeking sponsors to help keep my meetups free. I’m currently looking for venues to accommodate my monthly networking meetup I host in Los Angeles and Orange County. I also really want to do a trading meetup to teach kids about investing and trading basics. I also love to travel. I will start to attend more conferences to speak about my journey and help to educate. Watch my company grow and become the golden standard.


Can you share your favourite method of trading and what are the pros and cons of this method that you use?

I love using support and resistance — it’s so accurate it’s insane. I use this along with the Bollinger Band, Stoch RSI and RSI. The method works for me, but the con is having emotions involved. I’m still new at trading but know this is something I need to work on along with more practice.

What are your favourite educational resources?

I purchased 2 used books from ebay for under $20 (Candlestick Charting for Dummies and The Complete Idiots Guide: Technical Analysis). As far as trading goes, its slowed down a bit for me. I’m mainly focusing on margin trading BTC instead of alts because the market is so bad. Yes, I accumulate project I like but swinging them is challenging. I chart BTC daily so I’m used to her pattern. IMO part of trading is getting in a groove and finding what works for you — right now this is what works. I taught myself how to trade. I bought the books and would read them daily before bed. I then got a trading view and started paper trading and charting daily. Paper trading and journaling is key no matter what skill set you have. Lastly, to improve my skill set is to paper trade — I do a little bit of margin trading but paper trade a lot to keep up my skill set.


What is the most valuable lesson you have learned as a trader?

The most valuable lesson I have learned is to be patient, never FOMO and enter a trade without having it make sense — there will be other buses.

Is there something else besides crypto that you like to pursue in your spare time?

School — I dropped out as an early teen and never finished college. I don’t regret many things nor this, but I do wish that I finished it. But, if I did finish and my path was changed I might not have ever found Crypto.

What are your expectations in the future implementation of the Blockchain Technology. In what way will the average person be influenced by Blockchain?

I love this question. Blockchain is the future. I believe that every industry will start to integrate it as we progress. Since the internet we haven’t had any kind of new tech advancement and I think blockchain is it — I’m not missing it.

What advice can you give to someone who is just starting to trade Crypto?

Paper trade and learn. Don’t worry about missing out, learn the basics and find a strategy that works for you. My mentor always said there will be another bus and he is right. Don’t enter a trade without a justified reason why it makes sense and always have a plan.

I journal every trade. Here are my steps:

1. Chart my coin

2. Write down all the pros and cons (reasons to enter and not enter)

3. If it makes sense enter and also have your exit plan

4. If the indicators change be prepared

5. Let profit come to you and don’t get greedy, the market doesn’t care how much profit you want

Do you want to add anything?

I just want to thank you for having me and remind everyone that we are on the front of a financial and technological evolution. We are so early, be grateful to be here and be patient — nothing worth having comes instantly. Thank you for your time Wendy!

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