Is the U.S. Government Preparing for a Bitcoin War?

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Live Bitcoin News June 14, 2020
Updated 2020/06/14 at 11:17 AM
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It looks like bitcoin and cryptocurrency has got the U.S. government and the pentagon a little on edge.

Bitcoin Is Scaring Top Government Players

The U.S. Department of Defense has revealed that it is planning for what could potentially be a bitcoin revolution. The government body has listed several potential scenarios in its roster that could see an uprising of Generation Z and members potentially using bitcoin and other forms of crypto to somehow go against the present government system.

It’s interesting that these plans are being revealed now considering all the turmoil and unrest that’s spreading throughout the country. Things got off to a bad start in March when the coronavirus took hold of the United States. A lockdown was instantly issued, and people were told not to leave their homes except for essential tasks such as going to work or grocery shopping.

While many people saw it fit to obey these rules and put a damper in the spread of the virus, eventually the stay-at-home order became too much for many Americans to handle. Several expressed anger over how far the virus had spread. They were angry that it had caused them to lose their jobs and that the unemployment system was moving so slowly. As a result, many took to protesting and even storming state capitol buildings to assert themselves and vie for less restrictive measures.

Once it looked like that had passed, the death of George Floyd at the hands of a Minnesota police officer took the country by storm. As a means of condemning racist acts in America, many entered the streets and began protesting the actions taken by law enforcement in the state. However, these protests often led to violence and vandalism, including property damage, looting and more deaths of both citizens and cops alike.

For the past three months, the country has been trapped in a very unsteady state, and it looks like America and its defenses have been up and ready for action. The latest Pentagon scenario sees younger citizens – primarily those born between the mid-90s and the early 2010s – using cyberattacks as a means of stealing money and converting it into bitcoin. This bitcoin is then used to purchase illicit products that will be used in future attacks or for funding terrorist organizations such as Antifa.

The latest Pentagon report refers to this situation as the “Zbellion,” in which younger generations see themselves as agents for “social change” and the ultimate weapons against a growing system of injustice that is “rigged against them.”

It May Be Used to Incite Change

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency consultant Nathaniel Whittemore explained in a statement:

One of the most important tools in the authoritarian toolkit is the ability to freeze the funding of legitimate political dissent. By separating the infrastructure of money from the infrastructure of state power, bitcoin makes it that much harder for this type of politically-motivated confiscation.

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