Product Review: JuBiter

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The Crypto Monk June 24, 2019
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Product Review: JuBiter

By The Crypto Monk


JuBiter is another contender on the hardware wallet market. It is very slim and supposed to be solid. One of its specificities is to be built upon a JAVA OS which allows users to manage the app without touching and thus compromising any secret stored in the SE.

First impressions

The wallet is delivered in a small recycled cardboard box which is a good thing considering how much waste packaging generates.

The box includes:

  • wallet
  • usb power cord
  • user manual
  • 2 recovery notes

Set up the wallet

Setting up the wallet is easy and the whole procedure can be found here.

Basically you need to initialize the device by creating a new wallet.

Choose a pin code and the number of words for the recovery seed (12-18-24).

Verify the seed and it is done. Your wallet is going to be generated.

Supported coins

Jubiter supports BTC, BCH, ETH, ETC, LTC and ERC-20 (top 100) tokens. They are currently implementing EOS and USDT as the next batch of supported coins.

Pairing the app

JuBiter comes with an app allowing you to pair your device and thus manage your wallet with your smartphone.

The app is available on the app store, Google store and for both Mac OS and Windows. On the example above, i decided to pair it with my Iphone. All i need to do is enable the bluetooth connection on my phone and let the device pair with it.

Please note that it may fail if you don’t keep your device close to your phone for the first paring attempt. Make sure you don’t wait too long before typing the pairing code. It is another reason of failure.


App quick look

As you can see on the screenshots above, the first step before processing with the app is to recover or create a wallet. Once it is done, you will be able to scroll through every section of the app.

It is very complete and a lot of practical options are inbuilt. You can get an easy access to the blockchain explorers related to the supported coins. There is an integrated Fiat display for each coin like CoinMarketCap. It is also possible to enable segwit for Bitcoin.

Receiving/Sending funds

Open the app. Select the coin you would like to receive. Select the “Receive” option and share your QR code or the address.

You can also request a specific amount and generate a QR code for it.





Sending funds requires 5 quick steps.

Open the app. Select the “Send” option. And fill the blank areas. There are different Miner Fee options but you can select them manually if needed. Last step is to confirm the transaction with the device.


Additional feature

Additionally to being a management tool for the hardware wallet, the companion app is also a free software wallet. You don’t need to own the device to generate and manage a wallet.


The JuBiter wallet can be considered as a good alternative to the best sellers. For $79.99 you will get a device providing the current security standards and strongly built with stainless steel, which makes it very resistant if you plan to keep it inside your (everyday) wallet.

Disclaimer : this article is not a partnership. I wanted to test and review a backup device and the team decided to customize it for me. More reviews of products will come in the future.

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