LTO Network joining MouseBelt Blockchain Education Alliance with Stellar, ICON & others

Yellowblock October 10, 2019
Updated 2019/10/10 at 4:03 PM
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We are joining MouseBelt Alliance! Together, we will be building a network of industry leaders to drive blockchain innovation through education, research, and entrepreneurship at top universities. Source.

MouseBelt​, ​an ecosystem that promotes blockchain innovation by supporting hands-on development for the projects, individuals, and emerging leaders that are pushing the industry forward​, today announced their newest initiative to drive blockchain innovation through education: the ​Blockchain Education Alliance​.

The alliance’s first members — Stellar, ICON, WanChain, Hedera, LTO Network, NEM, Harmony, Tron, Ontology, and others — will work collectively to provide university students with the connections and knowledge necessary to enter the workforce with practicable blockchain skills to contribute to the growing industry.

The Blockchain Education Alliance will cultivate a network of 20 leaders in both industry and academia to jointly develop educational initiatives to accelerate the mass adoption of blockchain technology. MouseBelt will organize meet-ups, face-to-face meetings, hackathons, and more to support collaboration. Members can also engage with researchers to develop new use cases that will address specific challenges within their industry.

“Students are demanding blockchain education. Universities need established experts in the space to help develop curriculum and projects — and Stellar, TRON, Hedera, ICON, Ontology, Wanchain, Harmony One, Nervos, Orbs, LTO Network, Emurgo, NEM, and ETC Labs are well positioned to share valuable knowledge. We have an opportunity to have a positive impact on how blockchain technology is introduced to students, which will result in more blockchain developers, more innovative research, and higher quality companies.”

Ashlie Meredith, Director of MouseBelt Alliance

The Blockchain Education Alliance is the most recent development of MouseBelt’s University Program, which comprises a network of over 67 student blockchain organizations in 14 countries. The University Program has also established partnerships with some of the leading engineering departments worldwide, including at UCLA, UCSB, and UC Davis, through their ​UC Blockchain Initiative​.

MouseBelt is inviting administrators, researchers, policymakers, and enterprise and industry professionals to work collectively to cultivate the next generation of blockchain leaders. Alliance members can provide mentorship through the University Program by advising during office hours, hosting workshops, or providing educational content.

Already working with universities in Europe, the invitation from MouseBelt University to join their network was a great addition to one of our core pillars of Ecosystem V. We look forward to making more students enthusiastic about Live Contracts with the help of the Blockchain Education Alliance on a much bigger scale then we’re able to do before through webinars and online courses. Excited for the first series with our CTO Sven to start!

Martijn Broersma, COO of LTO Network

Enterprise partners can connect with leading educational institutions to fund research, academic conferences, and accredited blockchain courses addressing various use cases. Developers, platforms, and protocols can help deploy real-world pilots of innovative solutions in collaboration with students, researchers, and MouseBelt’s development shop. Partner organizations will also be eligible to receive training and resources to further their knowledge of blockchain.

LTO Network focusing on education & talent

At LTO Network, we have identified early-on that universities are one of the key focus points for blockchain projects alongside integrators. As talent acquisition is becoming increasingly hard for companies these days, we need to establish ourselves as the industry leader to attract the best students & developers into the LTO Network Ecosystem V.

Thanks to our network of partners and clients, we are already able to reach great audiences both in the business and in the education world. Real estate professional eventsintegrator gatheringspartner presentations, and recently – collaborating with The Hague University on making a blockchain course! Our Lead Architect, Arnold Daniels, already gave the first guest lecture.

Blockchain is not just a technology, it’s a movement. To extract the full potential out of it, we need stakeholders and the parties involved to understand all the aspects. We are excited to be working with MouseBelt Alliance projects on this. Let’s make sure to leave a positive footprint!

Ivan Golovko, CMO of LTO Network

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