Missouri Mayor Jayson Stewart Wants His Residents to Become Wealthy Through Bitcoin

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Live Bitcoin News August 26, 2021
Updated 2021/08/26 at 6:48 AM
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Jayson Stewart – the mayor of a small, Missouri town – wants to give each of his residents about $1,000 in BTC.

Jayson Stewart Has a Big Love of BTC

Stewart is the mayor of Cool Valley, Missouri, which presently houses approximately 1,500 people at the time of writing. The costs of the bitcoin giveaway would amount to about $1.5 million, though the mayor thinks it is worth it given the benefits that come with investing in the world’s number one digital currency by market cap. He also thinks this will allow his residents to start building some digital wealth, given that he thinks BTC will be worth so much more in the future

In an interview, Stewart discussed what he thought made bitcoin so powerful:

Look, it’s digital gold. I would like to see every single household in my city receive some level of bitcoin, whether it be $500 or $1,000.

During the interview, he also hinted his thoughts that bitcoin could ultimately hit a price of about half a million dollars at some point. He also mentioned that should he get the greenlight on the bitcoin giveaway, one of the big clinchers would be that participants would not be allowed to sell their stashes right away, as he is convinced the price will eventually go up and he wants to see residents take advantage of the asset.

He states:

We’re putting in place an investing schedule for bitcoin. The idea is that maybe you don’t touch it for five years before you really get full access to it. We’re working on ideas like that because that’s my number one concern. Someone just sells their bitcoin to pay their car note, and then when bitcoin is sitting at like $500,000 all these years later, they’re going to really regret that.

Not surprisingly, many residents appear open to the idea of receiving free bitcoin and are eager to give it a try. Ramona Nickels – a mail carrier within the area – discussed her daughter in an interview and said that her child has become a major bitcoin fanatic over the years. She says:

My daughter says she thinks it’s the next big thing, the digital currency. With cash, people have bad habits, and they buy things they shouldn’t be buying, but with bitcoin, maybe you can give it to your kids. My daughter is going to college next year. I could give [the bitcoin] to her.

People Get Really Rich!

Stewart says that he has seen several individuals become overwhelmingly wealthy in relatively short periods thanks to their bitcoin investments. He also says that should the city go through with the BTC giveaway, much of the money will be donated by leading BTC investors. He comments:

I have friends whose lives have been completely changed, like going from working a regular job to being worth over 80 million dollars in a matter of a few years.

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