Morpheus Labs and Integration Works partners to kickstart distribution strategy

Yellowblock October 10, 2019
Updated 2019/10/10 at 8:18 AM
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Announcement of new System Integration and Solution partner

Morpheus Labs have always been extremely discerning about the companies and brands that we choose to represent. It is with honor and pleasure to announce its new partnership with IntegrationWorks Asia Co. Ltd, a growing IT services company, supporting their clients with tailored IT solutions from consulting, training and development to outsourcing. Specialized in the integration of interfaces with the tools MindSphere from Siemens, IBM Integration Bus, IBM WebSphere MQ and the development of microservices, we cover with our experts a fast-growing sector in IT.


About the Partnership

IntegrationWorks Asia prides itself on great individualized client service, advice, reliability and flexibility, offering consultation, software development and services from a single source, whilst Morpheus Labs has always been committed to drive Blockchain user adoption; building and supporting Blockchain solutions based on customer requirements, feedback, and interaction.

The core tenets that drive both companies are quite similar. ​This new partnership provides exposure to new enterprise opportunities leveraging on Integration Works expertise in Integration and Industry 4.0 technologies that delivers on an organization’s specific and ​customized needs, supported by reliable, flexible, and budget-conscious solutions on Morpheus Labs’ Blockchain-Platform As a Service which is built to help scale businesses on blockchain technology rapidly​.

Jana Bulkin, CIO IntegrationWorks Asia Co. Ltd. shared:

“At IntegrationWorks Asia our top priority is providing reliable solutions to our customers based on leading-edge technologies that are fitting best to our customer’s needs. We strongly believe in the future of blockchain technology and the purpose to provide solutions that are creating great customer satisfaction based on the characteristics blockchain technology is providing. With the partnership to Morpheus Labs we complement our expertise and be able to expand our scope on End-to-End process optimization technologies. With the use of Morpheus Labs Blockchain-Platform-as-a-Service (BPaas) we believe in a fast and cost-efficient adoption and integration of Blockchain technology into the already established IT landscape of the enterprises. We look forward to Morpheus Labs in serving our customers in leveraging on the expertise both sides have.”

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About IntegrationWorks

IntegrationWorks Asia Co., Ltd.​ was founded in May 2015 and it aims to become one of the leading Industry 4.0 Solution Providers and Integration Specialists in Thailand. The Company is backed by a team of highly skilled professionals who have many years of global experience in Finance IT management, development, architectural and technical solutions. With their deep knowledge and understanding of how global players platforms have to be integrated, they are seeking for new challenges, taking the next step into Southeast Asia. – To serve clients in the banking, industrial and automotive sectors.

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About Morpheus Labs

Morpheus Labs​ is a Singapore-based blockchain company providing enterprises with a full-service Blockchain-Platform-as-a-Service (BPaaS) solution for easy prototyping, deployment, and integration. Our technology capabilities enable users to develop and spin up multiple blockchains within a 5-minute timeframe. Morpheus Labs is the only end-to-end blockchain platform and app marketplace with a variety of active blockchain partners whose vision and goal are to find solutions to problems hindering mass adoption.

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