Morpheus Labs announces an Educational Partnership with Cypherglass

Yellowblock August 4, 2019
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Morpheus Labs announces an Educational Partnership with Cypherglass

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Singapore – June 12, 2019 – Morpheus Labs is proud to announce a collaboration with Cypherglass, one of EOS’s biggest block producers, to ensure education remains a high priority within the industry. By joining forces Morpheus Labs and Cypherglass are aiming to make Blockchain education possible for the next generation of Blockchain users and developers to come.

Blockchain is one of the top emerging technologies that has the huge potential to reshape major industries such as healthcare, supply chain and tech industries. While this Distributed Ledger technology is still in its infancy, a growing number of industries are discovering the huge impact on industry growth, efficiency, transparency and security.

Morpheus Labs’ vision for this emerging technology is to reach mass adoption, and believes that education is paramount to achieve this. By facilitating Blockchain development and deployment, Morpheus Labs is speeding up the technology’s advancement and its embracement by society.

Morpheus Labs has a direct interest in aiding talented developers, smart contract writers and Blockchain specialists. Fortunately, more Blockchains, companies and universities are joining hands to facilitate educational opportunities across the globe to ensure blockchain will grow to its full potential. Cypherglass consists of industry experts in the fields of infrastructure, cryptocurrency, and finance to bring you the most credible, transparent Block Producer for the EOS network.

“Our main goal at Cypherglass is to on-board developers and users into the EOS ecosystem through education. This partnership with Morpheus Labs is the next logical step in this journey, and will result in more developer and user adoption of EOS. We are incredibly excited for the months ahead. Go EOS!, ” according to Rob Finch, CEO of Cypherglass.”

Morpheus Labs BPaaS aims to be the leading go-to platform to help the developers and enterprises with their development of the blockchain tech. We had partnered with Dreamplus Blockchain Academy earlier to reinforce our goals to increase awareness and stickiness of user adoption. With Cypherglass now onboard, it would be a strong boost to the user confidence and  together, we will aim to push the boundaries of blockchain,” says Morpheus Labs CIO and Co-Founder Dorel D Burcea.

With this collaboration Morpheus Labs and Cypherglass are aiming to push the boundaries of Blockchain. By working together they want to ensure that every student and developer has a chance to educate themselves to truly reap the benefits of Blockchain Technology.

ABOUT:  Morpheus Labs is a Singapore-based startup that develops a Blockchain agnostic platform and app marketplace. To learn more about Morpheus Labs (MITX), visit


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