NGRAVE: The World Most Secure Wallet

Yellowblock June 22, 2020
Updated 2020/06/24 at 1:04 PM
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Be Your Own Bank

One of the strongest value proposition of using cryptocurrencies is the complete decentralised aspect of it, there is no central authority that can in any way interfere, obstruct and monitor any of your actions.

However being in complete control of your funds comes with a certain degree as risk; in a scenario of your keys being hacked or lost nobody will be able to help you retrieve them – it is impossible for anyone to ‘refund’ you like banks may do in similar circumstances.

It is then of upmost priority that cryptocurrency investors own a hardware wallet, and a very safe one as well. As that will be entirely responsible for the longevity and safety of personal funds. Today in the market there are various options that you can chose; however many of them have security flaws that can compromise the security of the funds within it; something that was spotted by the NGRAVE team – as the made it their mission to build the world most secure wallet for our community.

In the article below you will be able to see what makes this wallet incredibly secure.


100% Offline

The NGRAVE ZERO is a fully offline device, providing the most extreme form of protection against online hackers. As the ZERO never needs to connect over USB, Bluetooth, NFC, Wifi, 4G or any other network connection, hackers simply cannot even attempt to steal your crypto.


The ZERO comes with extreme tamper proofing against physical attacks to ensure that even if someone finds your ZERO, they can never steal you precious private keys.

When a certain number of wrongful PIN entries is made or physical attack is detected, the device will automatically wipe any sensitive information.

Underneath the NGRAVE ZERO’s multiple layers of physical protection, the device also embeds a Secure Element (SE) that is specifically designed to be an additional vault for your private keys (the secret access keys to your funds).


At NGRAVE security is taken so seriously that they went for the highest security certification in the world – EAL7. No shortcuts to your peace of mind.

Keys Generation

For the first time ever, you no longer have to worry about any third party – not even NGRAVE – potentially finding or figuring out your key.

Existing solutions give you a key, so they may have a database holding all the keys they ever made, including yours. They also rely completely on the interior chip for generating your key, and also here there could be backdoors, as has been proven in recent history.

The ZERO introduces a whole new key generation process that not only relies on the interior chip, but that also includes your biometrics and your surrounding light. The ZERO also lets you interact with the key, in an offline setting. The result: no one but you will ever know your key, as you made it offline and together with the device. This time, you are in control.

Everlasting Backup

If you lose your ZERO, it is important that you have a backup of your keys. Today’s answer is a “paper wallet”, meaning you make a backup of your keys on a piece of paper. We just couldn’t let that pass as a valid solution.

So, the team built GRAPHENE.

Made of high quality stainless steel that can withstand extreme temperatures of up to 1660 degrees Celsius (3020° Fahrenheit), your GRAPHENE will still be there in the event your house burns down.

The product is also resistant against water- & corrosion damage, and is shock- & buried-proof. No more need for paper wallets. The GRAPHENE is a cryptographic puzzle of two “agnostic” plates: if someone finds one of the plates, they have zero information on your actual key. Both plates are required to recover the key.

The GRAPHENE allows you to finally safe keep each part of your backup in a separate location as an additional measure of security.



The team at NGRAVE ensure that every possible aspect of the wallet is incredibly safe for users to store their digital assets; making it by far the most secure option in the market; you can support their Indiegogo campaign here or go directly to their website.




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