Ohio Republican Josh Mandel Takes Flak Over BTC Social Media Post

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Live Bitcoin News January 4, 2022
Updated 2022/01/04 at 10:45 PM
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Josh Mandel – a Republican senate hopeful running in the state of Ohio – is taking flak for a tweet he posted which seems to compare bitcoin support with support for Christianity.

Josh Mandel Loves Bitcoin, but Not Everyone Thinks Alike

To be fair, Mandel has long been a bitcoin and cryptocurrency proponent. He has spoken in favor of the asset on social media, though one tweet is landing him in some hot water with followers and haters alike. The post came two days before the Christmas holiday and says that he is looking to make Ohio a “pro-God, pro-family, and pro-bitcoin state.”

The message was accompanied by a graphic that showed the United States split into two parts. The first half depicted people worshiping God and utilizing bitcoin, whereas the second half did not. This led to mockery from many Twitter users including Chris Hayes, a host on MSNBC. Hayes claimed that Mandel – in celebrating God, family, and bitcoin – was celebrating the “holy trinity.”

Others taking issue with Mandel’s words claimed that even if he won a Senate seat, he would not be positioned to control financial activities such as bitcoin use in his state, and thus he wouldn’t have much power in that arena.

Aside from his discussions surrounding bitcoin and Christianity, many have expressed distaste for Mandel after several attempts on his part to show disdain for Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandates. Recent excursions from Mandel include a visit to a Cheesecake Factory restaurant in New York City as a means of protesting the region’s indoor dining vaccination requirements.

He has also argued against vaccine mandates for air travel in the United States, as this would greatly limit the amount of people who could – or would – travel via domestic air and lead to serious financial trouble for the travel industry. Mandel is also one of several Republican hopefuls to try and gain the respect and support of President Donald Trump.

We have certainly entered an era where politics and bitcoin are appearing to merge. Several politicians have shown a respect for bitcoin over the past few years including two very distinct mayors. One is Francis Suarez of Miami, who has said that he would like to be paid in bitcoin and that he would like to turn Miami into a leading crypto hub.

Politics and BTC… They Work Well Together

The second is Eric Adams, the mayor-elect of New York City. Adams has also expressed an interest in receiving a bitcoin-based salary while on the job. He has also stated that he wants crypto and blockchain to be taught in public schools so that kids are prepared for the future.

Mandel faces some tough competition from other Republican potentials. One is J.D. Vance, author of the acclaimed book “Hillbilly Elegy.” The other is Matt Dolan, a member of the Ohio state senate.

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