Phishing Scammers Steal Hollywood Comedian Seth Green’s Pricey Apes

Bitcoinist May 18, 2022
Updated 2022/05/18 at 12:22 PM
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A group of phishing criminals are on the loose and just stole Seth Green’s hoard of non-fungible tokens.

Green disclosed in a tweet on Wednesday that he had fallen victim to phishing scammers who took numerous expensive NFTs from his cryptocurrency wallet.

The Hollywood celebrity renowned for movies such as Robot Chicken, The Italian Job, and Party Monsters pleaded with everyone not to purchase the NFTs from the scammers and tagged one of the customers in an attempt to find a solution.

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The hacker sold the Bored Ape for nearly $200,000 and the Mutant Ape for $42,200 (The Verge).

How Phishing Bad Guys Operate

Phishing attacks occur when a malevolent individual sends a deceptive message to fool a target into divulging sensitive information, generally to gain access to his/her computer or mobile device.

After getting access, the cybercriminal can steal data or install malicious software such as ransomware.

According to pricing history data from OpenSea, the actor lost a total of BRL 854,299 in NFTs after falling for the phishing scam. Since at least February of this year, the fraud appears to be widespread among people who own NFTs, with similar incidents occurring at least a dozen times.

Other Twitter users spoke of similar occurrences, with some citing as many as 32 instances of the same type of fraud.

“Well frens, it happened to me,” tweeted Green. “I was phished and 4 NFT were stolen. @opensea @doodles @yugalabs @BoredApeYC Please refrain from purchasing or trading these while I work to resolve: @DarkWing84 It appears you have bought my stolen ape; hit me up so we can fix it.”

Green has recently embraced Web3, even releasing his own NFT collection, PizzaBots, in collaboration with Heavy Metal Magazine. He has also collaborated with DJ and fellow crypto promoter Steve Aoki on an animated series related to NFTs.

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Big Haul

The phishing attack occurred nine days ago, according to blockchain records. The stolen NFTs included one Bored Ape, two Mutant Apes, and one Doodles collection NFT.

The hacker sold the Bored Ape for nearly $200,000 and the Mutant Ape for $42,200. The other two NFTs are worth a total of $70,000 based on the floor prices of their respective collections.

OpenSea has categorized the NFTs and Green’s account as suspicious and potentially compromised.

In the meantime, Green’s dilemma has become a joke for many, firstly because he is a popular comedian and secondly because many do not support the concept of NFTs.

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