Phone Maker HTC Adds Crypto Mining App to Exodus I

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Live Bitcoin News April 26, 2020
Updated 2020/04/26 at 11:23 AM
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Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC is adding a new crypto mining feature to its Exodus I phone.

HTC – Bringing New Power to Smartphones

Under normal circumstances, mining crypto can be a relatively complicated process. Usually, it requires a hard-hitting computer with lots of energy and electrical power to get the job done. Often, the work cannot be completed with one computer alone or will require multiple mining machines to extract all the operator is looking to attain.

One of the other big problems associated with mining is the amount of electricity it allegedly consumes. Reports have emerged over the years that bitcoin mining emits just as much carbon as the entire city of Las Vegas. In addition, some news sites have reported that regions like Iceland are now utilizing more electricity to mine cryptocurrency than to power all its residences and homes.

The idea of mining crypto through a phone is tricky. While apps like these have emerged in the past, they have primarily been for smaller altcoins and lesser-known tokens that don’t require as much network stability as bitcoin, Ethereum or other major competitors. That’s why the new Exodus phone by HTC is built with a 270 gigabyte blockchain.

The phone contains a hefty amount of power to ensure users can quickly obtain the digital funds they need to keep their operations flowing properly. Originally, the phone was only designed to allow people to store cryptocurrency and other private data, but now it looks like owning an HTC device provides you with an entire mining operation at your fingertips. In other words, the phone is on the same level as a strong personal computer.

An HTC spokesperson explains that this is an “important breakthrough” for the company. They mention:

We are constantly looking to innovate and bring what is best for the crypto community and blockchain ecosystems into smartphones and other devices.

Neil Mawston – executive director of wireless device strategies with Strategy Analytics – says that the company, even it doesn’t set some major trend in the smartphone world, will likely garner the publicity it needs to make big bucks off its own phone sales.

Easier to Mine Crypto?

In a recent interview, he comments:

HTC is trying to democratize mobile crypto mining [by] making it cheaper and more accessible. We applaud HTC for at least giving it a go. If Apple launched an iPhone that could mine cryptos, the mobile finance industry would be talking about a revolution.

One of the big staples of the phone is that it allows people to make a living. In the end, mining crypto is going to garner profit for whoever owns the phone, and thus the basic notions of crypto and blockchain – to give financial power back to everyday people – come to life through the device’s new capabilities.

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