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Teddy Cleps
Teddy Cleps June 21, 2019
Updated 2019/08/04 at 1:24 PM
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By Teddy Cleps

If you are on this website you probably already know about Trezor, as they are one of the leading companies within the hardware wallet industry. I was given the opportunity to write a step-by-step guide in attempt of helping you set up one of their latest devices, the Trezor Model T.

If you have never seen the device the built quality is impressive; at first contact you know that you are dealing with a higher tier wallet mainly due to its robustness and incorporation of a decent sized touchscreen that allow you to easily and quickly type when necessary. So many devices in the market still have a very small screen and a few buttons making any action excruciatingly slow.

Additionally the team made a very good job in making the overall experience of using the device easy; which is vital as an average user needs to be able to use it to store their Cryptocurrencies. I’ve tested many wallets and I’ve often found myself searching for guides online as the instructions provided were no clear enough. On the other hand Trezor due to their user friendly dashboard and intuitive instructions made the process of installing and using the device effortless

You will find this step-by-step guide valuable if:

  • You are relatively new to Crypto and you find it overwhelming dealing with these sort of devices – completely understandable, you are one of many!

  • You are considering to buy a Cryptocurrency wallet, and you a researching/comparing different devices online. This guide will give you enough information and insights on what it means to actually use this device.

What is Inside The Box?

*Make sure that your device arrived sealed in plastic! It is vital that nobody opened the package before you as that could drastically reduce the level of security and increase the chances of your wallet getting hacked.


Within the package the components that are required for the device to function are the following:

  • x 1 USB C cable that will connect the device to your computer.

  • x2 pieces of paper that will allow you to easily write and store your 12 recovery seed words.

  • x1 Trezor model T. Please make sure that it still has its safety sticker on.


Step 1

Remove the safety sticker from your device, connect it to your computer through the USB C cable and open the following page on your browser: – finally select the device you want to set up.


Step 2

Once your device has been identified you can proceed by installing the firmware. this only takes a few minutes!


Step 3

As the firmware is installed, you can finally create a new wallet or restore an old one. Regardless of your  decision you will have to confirm it on your device.


Step 4

At this point you will be introduced to the dashboard. From this page alone you will be able to manage everything related to your funds (sending, receiving, purchasing, store different currencies etc).


Step 5

However, before you start experimenting with settings, wallets, sending and receiving crypto it is very important that you back up your device (see photo above – point 6).

The first few steps are quite straightforward as you simply have to name your device, set a pin code and finally you will be asked to write down your recovery words.

Here, I strongly suggest that you pick up one of those pieces of paper that was inside the packaging and individually write down those random 12 words, vital that you safely hide and store that piece of paper – as anyone could access your funds with it!

Remember to write down those words in the correct order, as you will then be asked to confirm them – don’t rush this step!

As failure to write down these words correctly, or in the wrong order may result never being able to access your funds again!

Step 6

Now that you have named your device, set a pin, backed up with your 12 random words – you are finally ready to send, receive and buy cryptocurrencies with your Trezor Model T.

How to Receive Crypto?

This step is very simple! Go back to your dashboard and:

  1. Click on Receive.

  2. Select your currency of interest on the left. If someone wants to send you Ethereum for example; make sure that you are not giving a Bitcoin wallet instead – as you will lose those funds and their are impossible to retrieve.

  3. Click on “Show Full Address”.  It will show your public key, that’s the only information the sender needs.

  4. Copy the full shown address and paste it to sender.


How to Send Crypto?

Tre​zor did a good job in keeping this process very simple.

  1. Click on Send.

  2. Select your currency of interest on the left. Similar to above, make sure that you sending the correct currency to the receiver – failure to do so will result with funds being lost.

  3. Copy the address (public key ) of the receiver in the first tab.

  4. Select the amount of currency that you want to send, you will also be able to see the equivalent in USD terms.

  5. Click on send and confirm transaction on your device!


Additionally, you will also be able to purchase or exchange cryptocurrencies by going to the Exchange Tab, you will have a list of trusted exchanged to buy crypto from after going through a traditional KYC.


I am personally enjoying this wallet, it is very easy and intuitive to use. It is perfect for any cryptocurrency beginner – as everything is very straightforward!

I would not recommend anyone buying this wallet from websites like Amazon or Ebay, as you might receive a hacked version; buy it from the official website and make sure that you receive a unit that is perfectly sealed.

The wallet in the description is the TREZOR MODEL T and is currently for sale at 180 Euro​. Having bought and used multiple of these wallets I personally recommend it to beginners.

For this guide I was NOT paid, but kindly asked the team to send me a sealed version so that I could show you how to set up a new wallet from scratch!

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