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Number of Bitcoin Addresses Holding at Least 1 BTC Hits New ATH

  Quick take: Bitcoin investors are unfazed by BTC’s constant price swings in the crypto markets The number of addresses holding at least 1 BTC

Ethereum World News Ethereum World News September 11, 2020
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Turkish Authorities Seize $40M of Crypto in Illegal Gambling Crackdown

Turkish authorities have seized $40 million in cryptocurrency as part of an investigation into an illegal gambling ring Gambling in

Will McCurdy Will McCurdy October 21, 2022

Telegram Trumps Facebook With Crypto Launch, But Could Face Similar Backlash

  The race to launch the next big thing in crypto is heating up. Facebook appears to have kicked the

Ethereum World News Ethereum World News August 28, 2019

Robinhood To Face US Market Manipulation Claims Over “Meme Stock” Rally : Reuters Report

TL;DR According to a U.S judge, the stock trading platform Robinhood Markets Inc should face market manipulation claims. This lawsuit

Ethereum World News Ethereum World News August 12, 2022

Bitcoin Miners in Kazakhstan Suffer Due to National Energy Shortage

Several Chinese crypto miners are getting kicked out again, though this time, it’s not Beijing that’s giving the order. It’s

Live Bitcoin News Live Bitcoin News December 4, 2021

Gold Market Flooded With ‘Fake’ Bars; Bitcoin Critics Please STFU

The bullion market is slowly but steadily flooded with ‘dirty gold bars,’ according to a recent Reuters report. It’s interesting

Bitcoinist Bitcoinist August 29, 2019