Technical Update 13

Yellowblock August 26, 2019
Updated 2019/08/26 at 11:09 AM
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Our teams have be working hard to bring you the latest development updates, as we approach the launch of our mainnet!


  • Reviewed and approved PR#285
  • Finished work at fork mechanics and median time in vectorindex: PR#286
  • Improved ASCII scheme to draw fork PR#287
  • Developed CacheWrapper for Database: PR#288
  • Refactored new event structure. Used RLP serialization. Fixed posposet/ event/ ASCII tests
  • Prepared posposet/ and inter/with new database and event and creating branch for merge:
  • Vectorindex tested to detect forks
  • Geth-node adaptation: PR#289
  • Fixed issue with fork: PR#290
  • Tested for poset with forks in ASCII: PR#291
  • Poset: added FindBestParents method as emitter helper: PR#292
  • Fixed issues with old protocol. Preparing for transition to ethereum accounts: PR#294
  • Integrated new database in node: PR#295


Fantom’s Stable Coin Platform — Statheros


  • Invested some improvements to our PoS model. The new model should be safer and will give a more balanced chance for both users and validators.
  • Introduced a simplified staking model that will encourage more engagement from participants.
  • New paper has been rewritten and is ready for internal review, before publishing.

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