Tether Churns Printers Again; Mints 20 Million USDT

Bitcoinist September 12, 2019
Updated 2019/09/12 at 10:40 AM
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New USDT Enters Markets

Tether once again grew the supply of USDT, after testing the waters with recent coin burns. But after BTC prices responded with significant drops, bots noticed new USDT hitting the markets. New coins came out of the minting wallet, and the Tether treasury moved funds into circulation.

??? 20,000,000 #USDT (20,148,434 USD) minted at Tether Treasury

Tx: https://t.co/iq41Y7Y5M7

— Whale Alert (@whale_alert) September 10, 2019

The latest printing intervention made USDT the sixth biggest digital coin by market capitalization, with a daily turnover exceeding that of BTC. The latest USDT printings are happening both on the Omni layer, and the Ethereum network. In the future, more USDT will migrate as Ethereum tokens. ETH-based USDT has now grown to 1.63 billion, almost double since the start of 2019. Major exchanges are switching their USDT wallets to only operate with the new type of asset.

Crypto Yuan Arrives on Bitfinex

But these new USDT printings seem routine, compared to another move that may shake the crypto markets. Bitfinex immediately launched trading pairs for the brand-new Chinese yuan stablecoin. The asset, intended to capture trading demand from China, is an Ethereum-based token. There are only 20 million CNHt tokens minted as of September 11, 2019.

Bitfinex launches BTC/CNHt, USDt/CNHt, CNH/CNHt Trading Pairs!

Trading in CNHt, a new Ethereum-based stablecoin pegged to the offshore Chinese yuan (CNH), began 10/09/19 at 11:00 AM UTC.https://t.co/LdshXM5rXL pic.twitter.com/gzyoG2zzne

— Bitfinex (@bitfinex) September 10, 2019

Verified users will be able to make a direct switch between the Chinese yuan and CNHt, the newly minted asset. Bitfinex also limits certain jurisdictions from using the direct exchange. In theory, Tether, Inc. is launching an asset that could bypass Chinese capital controls, and Bitfinex is helping the process.

Tether also managed to create a digital yuan-denominated coin, even before the People’s Bank of China unrolled its long-awaited government-backed crypto coin.

Bitfinex has also slowly grown its influence, first by removing the $10,000 minimum deposit requirement, to attract a larger number of small-scale investors. The exchange also offers various tiers of verification, to gain access to assets or services.

But despite their expansion, Bitfinex and Tether, Inc. are still facing troubles. The New York Attorney General has extended its investigation, with the potential to discover multiple faults. Both companies showed evidence of working with New York-based clients, despite not qualifying for BitLicense, the local business license for crypto-related services.

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