Tik Tok Is Allegedly Censoring Crypto Influencers

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Live Bitcoin News August 30, 2021
Updated 2021/08/30 at 5:02 PM
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Social media platform Tik Tok appears to have changed its rules and regulations. As a result, many crypto and blockchain-related videos are getting taken down, though their posters say they have not committed any wrongdoing.

Tik Tok Isn’t Crazy About Crypto Videos

Tik Tok says it is disallowing any videos that promote illegal activities and/ or regulated goods. Here is the real irony: bitcoin and crypto is not fully regulated anywhere in the world. Thus, how could any sort of cryptocurrency video stem from regulated source material? This is an issue we are seeing all over the world, from the U.S. and beyond. As the crypto space continues to grow, many regulators are questioning how they can potentially control it or rule it in some way. The trouble is that many regulators do not know how, considering they don’t understand enough about the space.

Lucas Dimos has already had several videos taken down over the past few months. He suspects that if this happens again, he’s likely to get kicked off Tik Tok for good, something that upsets him terribly considering he has more than 300,000 followers at the time of writing. In an interview, he stated:

It’s left my account on such a razor’s edge. We’re dying out here. We’re floundering. We’ve tried to build a community and guide this whole movement in the right direction… It was almost like a knee-jerk reaction from Tik Tok against all these scams that were going on. While they may have blocked the scam posts, all of us creators are unable to post any of our content.

Dimos – like so many blockchain and crypto posters on Tik Tok – say they are simply trying to educate people about the benefits of the arena and telling them how they can potentially earn greater wealth or keep their wealth secure during times of economic strife. After all, bitcoin has become something of a hedge tool over the past year and a half. Unfortunately, the social media platform does not see things that way, and its algorithms are doing the dirty work.

Don’t Use Certain Words!

The only way, it seems, for cryptocurrency influencers to get away with posting their videos, is by disclosing the crypto products they’re promoting through a branded content option in the Tik Tok app. One of these influencers – a woman named Wendy O – issued her two cents on the subject, saying:

Tik Tok is shadow banning and censoring crypto content creators when a lot of us are posting great educational pieces.

Creators also say that the video takedowns are triggered by using certain verbiage. For example, some creators say that bringing up “Binance” or “decentralized finance” in some way is a surefire way of getting one’s videos removed from the platform. Mentioning “bitcoin” or “Ethereum” is also likely to lead to negative results.

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