Titan offers US investors first actively-managed crypto portfolio

Alice Leetham
Alice Leetham August 12, 2021
Updated 2021/08/12 at 4:50 PM
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Titan Crypto customers will gain exposure to a basket of the best crypto assets for long-term returns and hedging qualities

Investment platform Titan announced yesterday it would be offering US investors an actively managed portfolio of cryptocurrency assets for the first time. The product, called Titan Crypto, will provide Titan’s clients with exposure to some of the fastest-growing investments in the world – without the need of any prior crypto knowledge.

Co-founder and CTO of Titan, Max Bernardy, said, “At Titan our clients trust our portfolio selection and we see an ever-increasing likelihood that Bitcoin and other cryptoassets achieve broad adoption and value accrual. We are excited to be the first to introduce this offering to our clients.

Titan aims to rival the likes of BlackRock and Fidelity by providing a mobile-first service with a range of open-access actively managed strategies. The company now has over 25,000 clients and has grown to manage more than $500 million since launching in 2018.

Andreessen Horowitz led a $58 million Series B funding round for Titan last month, which also saw the participation of celebrities such as Will Smith and Jared Leto. This brought the total amount raised by Titan up to $75 million.

The development of Titan Crypto will be supported with these funds, as well as building other investment products, platform development and scaling of the company’s core functional teams.

The crypto portfolio management and strategic investing offered by Titan makes it easier for their customers to enjoy the significant potential returns of crypto without having a technical understanding.

The Titan team determines what it believes will be the best crypto assets in terms of long-term returns and attractive hedging qualities. Titan Crypto clients’ funds are invested in this basket of assets and the team manages their portfolios, including tactical trading and regular rebalancing in times of particularly high volatility.

Titan’s Co-founder and Co-CEO, Clay Gardner, explained, “The adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain protocols is exploding, and we expect this trend to prove structural and long-term in nature. We see the wrong debate being had – it’s not a matter of if crypto deserves a place in portfolios; it’s a matter of what percentage.

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