Tron and Waves aim to reach mass-adoption of inter-chain DeFi via Gravity

Yellowblock August 13, 2020
Updated 2020/08/13 at 4:18 PM
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Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is a new movement that can revolutionize the way people work with capital and assets. Started as a field that dealt exclusively with crypto-collateralized loans, staking, and algorithmic stablecoins, DeFi is quickly developing into a full-fledged infrastructure for capital management, including non-crypto capital (aka tokenized Forex and Stocks).


One of the strongest barriers to mass adoption of crypto is the fragmentation of blockchain ecosystems and the lack of inter-chain communication between different products and services. As deeper integrations are introduced, it becomes easier for users to interact within the ecosystems and a stronger network effect will lead to growth for all blockchains involved.

As a major stepping stone on the endeavour to unite all blockchains, we are pleased to announce a strategic collaboration between the Tron and Waves ecosystems, both of which have a rich history of successful and popular product cases.

Although these platforms use blockchains with different types of consensus, native tokens ($ TRX / $ WAVES), wallets (TronLink / Keeper), as well as smart contract languages ​​(Solidity / Ride), thanks to the development of the Gravity protocol, this symbiotic collaboration becomes possible. Gravity, as a blockchain- and token-agnostic oracle and cross-chain communication network, will initially support two smart contract languages: Ride and Solidity.

What will Tron and Waves achieve together?

In order to grow the accessibility of our products and the outreach of our cumulative userbase, Tron and Waves will establish a bridge through Gravity, which will allow for both ecosystems to thrive together.To achieve deeper inter-chain connectivity, Tron and Waves will cooperate on the following collaboration and integration schemes:


  • $TRX, $BTT, $JST and other TRC-20 tokens such as $TRON-USDT will be available on the Waves blockchain via seamless decentralized gateways (Gravity swap) and automatically listed on Waves’ DEXes (like, meaning that traders and developers from the Waves ecosystem will be able to trade, hold and use TRC-20 tokens.


  • Conversely, $WAVES, $USDN, $NSBT, $WEST and other tokens of the Waves ecosystem will be available on the Tron blockchain via Gravity and automatically listed on Tron’s DEXes and DeFi services (like TronTrade or PoloniDex), meaning that traders and developers from the Tron ecosystem will be able to trade, hold and use Waves-based tokens.


  • Tron and Waves’ dApp developers will be able to use data feed services of Gravity oracles.


  • Seamless $TRON-USDT <-> $USDN swaps services will be introduced. Such applications will allow users to manage various strategies for holding stablecoins, including $USDT on the Tron blockchain as the fastest and cheapest way to transfer stablecoins and $USDN as a staking stablecoin.


  • Developers from both ecosystems will be able to create modern cross-chain dApps which will work in both chains (capable of being expanded to other chains via Gravity) via wallets and browser extensions preferred by users.

Tron has made major steps to build the necessary infrastructure for DeFi to thrive, with close to 4 billion $ USDT issued on Tron’s blockchain as proof of their dedication. The scope of cooperation between Waves and Tron is not limited to the above list of integrations, where research and prototyping are already in progress. We believe that the Tron and Waves ecosystems have the potential to revolutionize the inter-chain DeFi industry by pioneering and expanding this trend to other blockchain ecosystems.

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