Ultra Announces 3 Technical Block Producers

Yellowblock October 15, 2019
Updated 2019/10/15 at 5:44 PM
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Today, we are really excited to publicly release the name of our 3 first Technical Block Producers: BitfinexEOS Rio and EOS New York are joining Ultra! They are working with us to optimize our chain and we will soon launch with them the public testnet followed by the mainnet!

Our blockchain is essential to provide the new kind of features that will bring more fairness to the video game industry. Those features include programmable and instant money, tradability of games and in-game assets with NFTs.

Michael Dunn, CTO -Ultra: “When considering how best to launch and support Ultra mainnet, we sought out a mix of trusted technical partners from within the EOSIO community and established corporate partners from the technology and video-games industries to work with us as block producers. Our initial technical block producers have worked with us on our chain design, development and performance. We value their trust, expertise and ongoing support.”

Our CTO and blockchain developers have been in close contact with EOS Rio from the beginning of our adventure. They are recognized in the EOS community as one of the top technical teams. They helped us to design our blockchain to get the best from the EOSIO software.

Thiago Canellas, Head of Strategy -EOS Rio: “We have been working closely with Ultra on adapting EOSIO for its need and designing network operational standards for almost one year, and are very excited by their vision. We are proud to be part of this endeavor to create a fair ecosystem for games distribution. The team was able to draw from our experience on EOS Main Net and other chains to create an innovative, scalable and robust implementation of EOSIO.”

Check EOS Rio website and follow their Twitter!

Bitfinex is a long term partner and investor of Ultra. Their technical knowledge, reputation and network are keys to Ultra success. Bitfinex are actively block producing for EOS Mainnet.
We have more to reveal about this partnership in the future, but we are glad to confirm them today as one of the first Ultra’s Block Producers!

Paolo Ardoino, CTO -Bitfinex “This partnership demonstrates our commitment to providing long-term support for Ultra. We are proud to share our technical expertise to help secure and optimize this EOSIO chain. The mix of Corporate and Technical BPs is convincing, Ultra is not only building a competitive games distribution platform, but also a very unique kind of blockchain with a lot of potential for mainstream adoption.”

EOS New York has established a strong technical and governance-related reputation within the EOS ecosystem. They were the first Block Producer candidate in the Western hemisphere and remain one of the most active contributors to the EOS ecosystem to date. In our opinion, EOS New York sets the bar for how a DPOS consensus participant should be. We are happy they agree with our vision at Ultra and look forward to seeing their expertise in action when Ultra launches.

Kevin Rose, Co-Founder -EOS New York “EOS New York formed around the idea that blockchain, specifically EOSIO, could better position value creators back into the center of the value equation. Ultra is a manifestation of this ethos. Ultra seeks to realign incentives of the entire video game industry and allow for more efficient value exchange between the developer and the gamer, emerging as more rich and equitable ecosystem on the other side. We are happy and proud to be a part of this journey.”

Follow their activities visit their website, follow their Twitter, or blog.

In addition to helping us to optimize our blockchain and run it securely, all Technical block producers will provide their technical expertise to facilitate Corporate BPs onboarding. Corporate BPs will be announced at a later stage, and are trusted companies outside of the crypto world, and that know the games market.

If you want more details about our blockchain please check our previous blog post: https://medium.com/ultra-io/blockchain-governance-2609e699b49a

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