Utrust partners with Brandit


The world has been making payments in very much the same way since the late 19th century. The first wire transfer was performed by Western Union in 1872, via telegraph. The technology has evolved, evidently, but the basic methodology hasn’t.

Payments are an analog medium in a digital world.

Utrust wants to change this. And when you are a company that’s dedicated to changing the way the world does something with a centuries-long history, you need like-minded partners.

Welcome our new technology partner, Brandit

Brandit is a group of immensely talented individuals that have a service as diverse as it is qualified. They will create unique branding and marketing solutions for you whether you’re a band, an individual or a company. They will create websites, apps, and if you have a musical side-gig, they will even produce your album for you.

Brandit has a remarkable skillset, and boast the client portfolio to back it up. Anyone from Coca-Cola to Real Madrid, from BMW to Bosch, from Barclays to Deloitte. They have all found themselves in need of Brandit’s expertise at some point or another.

Custom solutions for a world of individuals

And that’s exactly why Brandit is the ideal partner for Utrust. One of Utrust’s core values is community, and we make it a point to present every one of our merchants and customers with the exact solution they need for their business.

This goes beyond just making payments through our service.

We want to bring digital currencies to your business, whether it’s big or small, in whichever way you like, and we are bringing in the best in the business to do it.

We want to create the solution you need

So if you are running a large business, and you want to use digital currencies for purposes other than simply accepting payments via your webstore, now is the time to get in touch. We will build whatever solution you need, on whatever platform you desire.

And now, as Brandit continues their good work with their own clients, Utrust will feature prominently as a premiere payment platform.

We are bringing the future to you.

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